By Jon Nicol

I’ve been using the phrase, “as mandatory as it gets for volunteers” when I want to communicate how important it is that my worship team attend a meeting/training/etc.

I’m stopping that.

I used to ask this question. As worship leaders, can we use words like “required” and “mandatory” with volunteers in ministry?

Now I ask this one. Why can’t we…?

Is it because I’ve gotten less neurotically people-pleasing? (Btw, I’m in recovery and still fall off the wagon more than I wish)

Is it because I’ve now got more margin on my team in terms of musicians? (For example, if a guitarist doesn’t want to come to rehearsal or has a bad attitude, I’ve still got two others to cover the rotation.)

Probably a little of both.

But I have to wonder if had raised the bar sooner, demanded a higher commitment from the onset, would I be fighting the lackadaisical attitude from several of my team members now?

There are short-term gains from inviting warm bodies to fill out the roster. But you’d be better off to have an empty spot on the stage than pay the long-term cost of filling a position with the wrong person.

 What do you think?

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Originally written: March 2, 2012
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