Journey of Worship or a Drive Around Iowa?

By Jon Nicol

One summer when I was in grade school, my parents decided to go a “driving” vacation. The destination was “around Iowa”—the state we lived in.

We just drove. Around Iowa.

 At one point we just threw caution to the wind and crossed the Missouri river into Nebraska.

We had almost as much fun as it sounds.

iowa roadNow, having much more grace and understanding than I did as a kid, I get that it was probably one of those off years where vacation money just wasn’t there. But as a fifth grader, or whatever I was, it was torture.

I think part of pain was this: no clear destination.

When we went to see cousins in Pittsburg, there was, well, Pittsburg.

When we went to the Black Hills, there was a bunch of dead white guys’ heads on a mountain.

When we went to Florida, there was the ocean and, wait for it…Disney World.

But when we were aimlessly driving about the cornfields of the mid-west, the best destination we could hope for was a motel with a pool (kid’s criteria) that cost less than $29 a night (Dad’s criteria). And we crossed the ‘wide Missouri’ four times in search of this elusive location.

I wonder if people in our churches feel the same way about our worship each Sunday.

Are we clear about where we lead them? When it comes to planning worship services, do we even know our destination?

What tools do we use lead them? Just songs? Maybe a prayer or two? A scripture that we pulled out 10 minutes before the service?

And what kind of path do lead them down? Meandering? Predictable? Into dead ends and turnarounds? Or maybe we just leave the trail altogether and go off the map?

Corporate worship is a journey. And the worship leader is the guide.

But don’t think tour guide at a museum. Think Sherpa embarking from Everest Base Camp.

Over the course of a few posts in the coming weeks, we’re going to explore how worship is a journey.

Until those posts show up – what are your thoughts on corporate worship being a journey? I’d love to make this series a collaborative effort.



Post graphics:
Corn field - Andrey Asadchev, Stock.xchng


Mountain Climbers - Brad Mering, Stock.xchng And yes, I know this isn't Mt. Everest. It's Ama Dablam. But it's in the Himalayas and it's a sweet pic showing a journey. Thanks Brad.

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Originally written: April 30, 2012
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