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28 Ways to Create Great Segues: #27

In these last few installments, we're looking at how to transition to the message. One simple way to segue to the sermon is by using scripture text that the pastor's message is based on. I touched on this segue last week by suggesting using video to present the scripture. That's one option.Another o Read More...

28 Ways to Create Great Segues: #26

Connecting to the Message, Part 2A few segues ago, we talked about the ins and outs, literally, of using videos. In that case, the clip was the service element we were transitioning to and from. But now we're using a video to get us to the next thing: the message.Since the decisions for this segue a Read More...

28 Ways to Create Great Segues: Segue #15 (part 2)

In part one, we looked at some of the potential pitfalls that can lead up to the offering. And we also looked at ways to prepare our people and flow smoothly into it. Part two is going to give some more suggestions for flowing in, out and through the offering time. Some may work for you, others coul Read More...

28 Ways to Create Great Segues: Segue #13

Segue #13 - Selah Selah is one of those words that scholars guess at, kinda like how we guess at what's going on with Donald Trump's hair. I like how the Amplified Bible describes it: pause, and think of that. Selah that is, not the Don's bangs.Our cultural ADD doesn't do "pause and ponder" well. We Read More...

28 Ways to Create Great Segues: Segue #12, pt.2

Segue #12 - Scripture, part 2We talked in part 1 about why scripture is a "segue on steroids." Now let's look at how we can use this muscle to carry us between songs.A Connector of ThemesThis Sunday we're singing Crown Him With Many Crowns and then moving into Hillsong's Hosanna. Hosanna's lyrics ar Read More...

Small Church/Big Worship - 10 Ways The Senior Pastor Can Make This Sunday Remarkable

I believe the senior pastor of any church is the CLW: Chief Lead Worshiper. He sets the tone for corporate worship. For the solo pastor of a smaller church, he may be actually leading the worship, or at least doing most of the behind-the-scenes work for Sunday.Here are ten ideas to reshape your wors Read More...

28 Ways to Create Great Segues: Segue #12, pt.1

Segue #12 - Scripture Transitioning from one song to another with scripture is like a segue on steroids. (Without the 'roid rage.) Here are several reasons:ONE - It's a CompassUsing scripture, especially amongst man-written songs, is a compass. Are the songs we choose based in the Bible? We sur Read More...

Five Ideas to Add Beauty to Your Worship Service

On my last post, we explored the idea that our service on the worship team goes so much deeper than simply "eliminating distractions" from worship. We are also called to bring enhancement through beauty. (Learn more about why beauty needs to be a part of our worship.)So today, I just wanted to throw Read More...
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