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27 Critical Worship Interview Questions

Don't Interview Another Potential Team Member Without This!

Save Time. Don't reinvent the wheel every audition.

Maintain Standards. Create more consistency in your audition process.

Uncover Issues. Avoid a dumpster fire down the road. Find out now.

Delegate. Share parts of the this process with other leaders and team members.

Why Is This List of Questions So Critical?

Save Time.

Pre-written questions save you time. Even if you need to modify some to fit your unique ministry, that's still better than starting from scratch.

Also, having pre-determined questions saves you time during the interview process. You can just create a checklist of questions and print it for each audition.

Maintain Standards.

It's too easy to forget to ask some really critical questions. And, you need ask the same questions for every person you interview.

A pre-determined list of questions creates a more consistency from interview to interview and person to person.


With pre-determined questions, you can share or delegate parts of the audition process with volunteer leaders.

This gives them ownership in the process. Plus, they might pick up on issues you might not.

Uncover Issues.

This list of questions, when asked the right way, will reveal issues you might not see at first.

There are a variety of questions to determine qualification in different areas—musical/technical, relational, spiritual.

Ready for the Questions???

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