5 Barriers That Block Great Worship

5 barriers that block great worship

Do you ever feel helpless to get your church to engage in worship? You put so much work and prayer into planning your worship service, practicing the music and prepping your team only to be faced with a disengaged congregation each Sunday. It's frustrating.

Let's face it, we as leaders can only do so much. We can't make people worship. But I think we can remove some of the barriers that can keep people from worshiping.

I've been leading and coaching teams for several years, and hidden in every ministry I've worked with are five barriers that keep congregations from engaging. You can bring life back to your worship service by identifying and dealing with those barriers.

So I want to help you with that. I've created a video workshop called The 5 Barriers That Block Great Worship (What They Are and Why They're Holding Back Your Church).

In these five sessions, you'll learn...

  • WHAT each barrier is...
  • HOW to spot it, and...
  • WHY it keeps your church from engaging in worship.

All you need to do to get this video workshop is enter your name, email, and tell me your biggest worship challenge in the box above, and I'll send you the first session right away. Then over the next 10 days, I'll send the other four sessions to you. Again, all free.

Besides the teaching videos, you'll also get a Leader's Guide. Each Leader's Guide contains valuable discussion questions to get your band or your leadership team talking about these issues. You'll also get links to tons of free resources for further reading on each subject.

So sign up for this video workshop. It will be the start to bringing new life to the worship in your church.


"Jon is awesome!! He has revolutionized the way that I lead our worship team. Jon does what he says he will do, and he truly has a special gift for taking worship leaders and equipping them with the tools to effectively lead the team, and church, in worship. I highly recommend Jon for any of your worship team needs!!"
Noah Smith