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Got a conference, workshop or team retreat coming up? Jon is available for everything from keynotes, to breakout sessions, to team retreats.

Jon brings almost three decades of guitar and musical experience, almost two decades of vocational ministry experience, and over a decade of teaching at workshops, conferences events.   

He LOVES teaching and interacting with people at live events. He’s not an in-and-out, isolated-to-the-green-room kind of speaker/trainer.

You will be providing your event participants with more than just training content or information when you book Jon. He will connect with and entertain your audience to add value to your event. 

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Here are some of the topics and titles that Jon has taught


  • Worship: The Reflected Glory of God
  • Worship Leaders & Musicians: Living Out Our Call As New Testament Priests
  • Worship As A Journey: How Isaiah 6 Can Help Us Plan Life-Changing Worship Gatherings
  • The Mess of Grace: Grasping Grace Through the Lens of The Lost Son Parable
  • The Inseparable Connection Between Gratitude & Forgiveness: The Parable of The Unforgiving Servant
  • Leading Together: Understanding the Plan for Shared Leadership Revealed in Ephesians 4
  • Faithfulness Is NOT Good Church Attendance: Understanding The Depth of This Fruit of the Spirit

MusicianShip & Guitar

  • How To Escape The First Four Frets

  • Same Old Chords No More

  • Easy Arranging For Any Sized Band

  • How To Make An Average Band Sound Killer

  • How To Get Your Team Tight (Playing with a Click)

  • No Shredding Required: Lead Guitar for Modern Worship

  • How The Nashville Number System Can Help You Lead Your Team Better 


  • Systems: Lead More Effectively, Create A New Culture, and Have More Time To Do What You Love

  • Leading Multiple Worship Leaders

  • How To Develop a Leadership Team

  • Understanding Your Unique Role In Leadership (Can include DISC and StrengthFinder Assessments)
  • Culture Matters More Than Vision: Changing the Culture of Your Team

  • How To Say No (And Have Other Crucial Conversations)

worship planning & leading

  • Journey of Worship: How To Plan Life-Changing Worship Gatherings

  • Flow: Understanding The Importance of Intentional Transitions In Worship

  • How To Engage Your Congregation

  • How To Use Scripture In Gathered Worship

  • Engaging The Congregation With Multiple Worship Leaders
  • 7 Steps To Healthy Master Song List

  • How To Get Your Church To Sing More

worship team building & development

  • How To Get More (& Better) Musicians

  • How To Get Your Team To Practice Before They Come To Rehearsal

  • Engaging: Six Marks of Strong Team That Leads Great Worship

  • The Seven Deadly Sins of The Worship Team

  • Small Church/Big Worship - Overcoming the Traps That Ensnare Smaller Church Worship Teams

  • Building the Team In Worship Team

  • Leading Your Team Towards Engaging Platform Presence and Expression



I highly endorse Jon Nicol as a speaker for your events. He is a perennial speaker at our Worship 4:24 conference, addressing a wide variety of topics. He has also spoken at our CU Worship Camp, and was well-received by our campers. His content is fresh and relevant, and his passion for Christ is clear. I encourage you to give him the opportunity to minister in your context.

Dr. Roger O'Neel
Professor of Worship
Cedarville University
Host of Annual Worship 4:24 Conference



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If Jon isn’t available, we have other coaches and trainers who we can connect you with. Also, Jon and the other coaches are also available for online, virtual training with your team via Skype or Google Hangouts. This can drastically reduce your costs.



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