Content Contributor Guidelines

Thanks for your interest in contributing content to Please read these guidelines before submitting any piece or proposal. Once you’ve read the guidelines, you can get to this submission page here:

[Click here for the Content Submission Form]


General Guidelines For All Content

  1. Your topic should fall into one of these broad categories:
    • worship/music ministry
    • worship technology
    • leadership/team development
    • musician development
    • spiritual growth within the worship team.
  1. You may submit completed articles, or a query letter proposing an article or other content idea.
  1. When submitting a query or content proposal, please include links to other pieces you’ve written or content you’ve produced.
  1. No hawking products or sites. We’re OK with pointing to products and other sites, but that needs to be accomplished through the practical and engaging content of the article—not the blatant attempts to sell.
  1. Unless discussed ahead of time, there is no compensation for guest content on (But please know that we are super-grateful. And, if you’re ever in Mansfield, Ohio, Jon will buy you fish tacos for lunch.)
  1. Your content piece must be your original work. You retain copyright ownership of the content. 
  1. Please commit to respectfully interacting with any comments that get posted.
  1. Please give image and quote credit when applicable.
  1. We will decline submissions if they have substandard content, are not relevant with our site, or require excessive editing.
  1. If you get opportunity to publish on another your content to another site, but it's already been published on, please contact Jon to discuss this. 
  1. We will get back to you within two weeks regarding your submission. We will try to give feedback on why a submission is declined, but we cannot guarantee it.

Guest Posting Guidelines For Blog

  1. Posts should be between 750 and 1200 words. If a topic needs to be longer, we’ll consider a short series. If you have an idea for a short post, like 500 words, please discuss this with Jon.
  1. If you are submitting a completed article and formatting is important to you, please convert the document to PDF and upload it along with the submission. We will do our best to match the formatting, but reserve the right to change it if needed.
  1. The article must not appear on other sites or publications. You are welcomed (and encouraged) to post short teasers and links to the guest post. 
  1. Write in a scannable style. What does that mean? People don’t read the internet, they scan it: 

Big blocks of text say to the reader, “You’re gonna have to work really hard to read this. Are you sure you want that? Oh look, there’s another cat video that your aunt just posted.”

Goodbye blog post, hello kitty.

If big blocks of text were a cheese, it’d be limburger—quite repellent to most people. So use short paragraphs as well as headers and subheaders to make your post more scannable.

And see what’s happening here? We just made five paragraphs out of what traditionally would only be one or two. Your tenth-grade English teacher might get her knickers in a twist. But that’s half the fun of non-academic writing. 

  1. We reserve the right to edit for grammar, spelling, etc.. However, we still appreciate you making sure it’s proofed well. Any edits we make beyond mechanics will be resubmitted back to you for approval.

Music, books, and Product reviews

  1. Please read Guest Post Section for information on writing for the blog.
  1. When writing a review, please be honest without disparaging the artist, author, church or company.
  1. You may not review any book, product or music that you have any affiliation with unless first approved by Jon.

Other Content


  1. Curated content will be handled differently than blog submissions. Please fill out the submission form and indicate that you would like to curate content for’s social media outposts. Jon will contact you to discuss this more.
  1. If you have an idea for video content, please submit a query/proposal though the content submission form.
  1. Video content must not already be published to YouTube, Facebook, Vimeo, etc. Once you get approved to submit video content, we will provide you with a Drobox link to upload your video files.

Ready to Submit Content?

Thanks for taking time to read through our guidelines. They are a little long, but Jon's learned the hard way it's better to say stuff upfront. Here's the link to get to the content submission form:

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