I’m the Director of Coaching at Worship Team Just saying that makes me crack up. Didn’t see that coming. Like any ripping guitar player, I was going to Rock the Masses on the big stage my whole life. But let’s just say that God had other plans for me long term. I have been coaching since 2011 but recently felt a real burden to coach and mentor musicians and worship leaders. I truly want to see Artists become amazing leaders in the church and in the music industry.

I reside in Norwalk Oh, am married to Karen and have four amazing children, all musical geniuses. I've been a worship leader since 1997 as a volunteer, part time and full time staff. I have been a national recording artist and toured extensively and am also a coach/mentor for the Objective movement and the Extreme tour. 

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Top 10 things to know about Jerimae:

10. Yes, with a name like Yoder, I grew up Mennonite with parents who grew up Amish.

9. Because of #10, I love me some old Hymns.

8. I shave my head because of choice not necessity.

7. In regards to #8, ya, I lied.

6. My favorite food is Sushi.

5. I don’t necessarily read Non Fiction…I do like movies and I’m a sucker for a good documentary.

4.  If I smell puke, I puke.

3. I puke in my mouth a little bit when I listen to the radio.

2.  No shame in crying at a good song though.

1.  Make me a pecan pie and I’ll love you for life.