About Jon

Recently, a diary believed to belong to Jon Nicol was unearthed. These excerpts chronicle the life of the founder of WorshipTeamCoach.com.

Note: All of his junior high entries were omitted. (It was mostly about the volume, duration and frequency of his burping.)

May 30, 1992
I just graduated high school! I’m going to work for the county highway department this summer—should be a fun way to kill the summer before I go off to Crown College in the Minneapolis area and major in youth ministry.

Btw, I wouldn't smile because I still had braces. And I still play that guitar...  

June 2, 1992
Working for the county bites. I can’t wait to leave Iowa behind and get to college. 

September 7, 1992
College orientation is awesome!! Like summer camp! I've made tons of friends and several girls are totally digging me (at least I'm pretty sure they are). Classes start in a few days. This is gonna be the best time EVER!

September 16, 1992
I hate classes! And STILL haven’t found a girlfriend. By the way, decided to double major in youth ministry and music. A youth ministry degree could be a nice fallback if my professional rockstar career doesn’t take off. But I know it will...

December 21, 1992
It’s my birthday! I’m 19! (Gosh, I feel so old.) Classes are done for the semester. Life is awesome. Except no girlfriend. Half my class is already engaged. I’m so far behind...

February 9, 1993

I’m in a class called Counterpoint—something to do with Bach. I’m totally dropping the music major. Can’t wait to take youth ministry classes. Got a girlfriend! I think she’s the one... 

February 15, 1993
She wasn’t the one. Wish I would've found that out before Valentines Day.


April 4, 1995

The traveling music team I’m on is touring churches in Ohio. Why would anyone want to live here?! Although, we did eat at this great place called Cheddar’s in a city named Mansfield...

May 12, 1996
Graduated college today!!! Can’t WAIT to get my first youth pastor job!

(Side note: You can graduate cum laude as a below average student if you majored in Youth Ministry in the 90s. Just thought you'd want to know that.)

September 23, 1996
No job. No girlfriend. You know what? I should go back to school...

November 9, 1996
My first Sunday playing guitar on the Church of the Open Door worship team. Holy cow…this church is bigger than the town I grew up in. I think one of the vocalists is into me. She’s got a pierced nose...

January 7, 1997
Enrolled in McNally Smith College of Music. Pretty sure this one-year certificate program is my ticket to rock-stardom. All the profs have longer hair than I do.

January 10, 1998
Finished with the music program. No gigs. No girlfriend. Waiting tables at a Mexican restaurant and then driving a donut truck all night around the Twin Cities. Getting fat... 

February 16, 1998
Moving to Ohio tomorrow. A friend of mine offered me a job as a youth minister and worship leader at his church. 

So, there’s no pay, but I do get live in a house on the church property. I’m SURE this is where God wants me—I didn’t even bother applying anywhere else. 

Side note: My parents wonder if I’m making the right choice. Hello?! I’m like 24 years old—a mature adult...

March 18, 1998
Led worship at my new church for the first time. Why won’t these 60 people sing like my church of 6000 in Minneapolis?!

Btw, the house is mouse and wasp infested. But hanging with the students is a blast! 

September 23, 1999
College loans kicked in and still part-time. Moving to Mansfield, Ohio next week. Got a full-time job as an admissions rep at a truck driving school. Glad my youth ministry degree is being put to good use.

Know some people at a church called North Woodbury Alliance. Will probably attend there.

January 1, 2000
New Year’s Eve party was fun with young adult group at church. Shannon was there. She’s hot. I know she likes this place called Cheddar's. 

Side note: Kinda' crazy to think it’s the year 2000. Thought we’d have hovercrafts by now. #disappointed #hashtagsnotinventedyet

October 7, 2000
Just got engaged to Shannon today!!! Then this evening, she and I and her parents went to see the new Ben Stiller/Robert DeNiro movie, "Meet The Parents.” That was a little awkward...

Yes, her legs still rock.

August 11, 2001
Married today!! Finally

January 1, 2003
Can’t wait to get back into youth ministry! Starting a full-time gig as a youth & worship pastor in a few days. 

February 1, 2003
Can’t wait to get out of youth ministry and be a full-time worship leader. Someday...

December 21, 2005
Shannon's pregnant!! Wait, I’m 32—that means I’ll be, like, over 50 when this kid graduates high school...

June 5, 2005
I met Aedan for the first time today...

August 29, 2006
Just started as a full-time worship pastor in Reynoldsburg, OH…finally.

March 22, 2007

Aedan’s got a sister! Hello, my beautiful Addison...

September 1, 2008
Shannon’s now a stay-at-home mom for the first time! Dave Ramsey helped us get debt-free so we can live on my income as a worship pastor. 

October 20, 2008
Apparently this “great recession" thing is affecting our church. They just informed me they have to let me go at the end of January. Wonder if Shannon can get her teaching job back.

February 2, 2009
Waiting tables again. Fun in my 20s. In my 30s...not so much.

April 16, 2009
I wrote my first blog post today for this site I’m calling WorshipTeamCoach.com. Probably won't amount to much...

May 1, 2009
Starting my job as a worship pastor at the church where Shannon and I met, North Woodbury Alliance. Except now they’ve got two campuses and have changed their name to Heartland Church.

March 15, 2011
Life’s getting crazy. Got another kid on the way. Been traveling to Nashville for awhile to break into professional songwriting. Things are going decently for WorshipTeamCoach.com. I think it’s time to choose one over the other...

June 24, 2011
Just got a new logo for WorshipTeamCoach.com and the new website should be done this fall. There’s a lot of the color green…not sure I like green.

September 29, 2011
Corbin was born today! We now have three kids. And only two bedrooms... 

June 15, 2012
On a family vacation at the beach with our three kids. Just found out we’re having a fourth…d’oh! Still in our two bedroom house…

July 16, 2012
Finally got an iPhone. It required running my current cell phone through the washer AND dryer. Shannon's not happy about it...

January 22, 2013
And now there’s four.

Cora Quinn was born after a LONG labor. Just realized I’ll be around 60 when she goes to college. My social security checks will go for tuition payments. 

July 7, 2013
Just published my first book called the SongCycle: How To Simplify Worship and Re-Engage Your Congregation.

Side note: my neck has been bothering me. And my hands are constantly numb and my legs give out randomly. Not good...

August 18, 2013
WorshipTeamCoach.com just got a "Best of” by Worship Leader Magazine. This thing might actually be catching on… 

September 30, 2013
Getting two discs removed and three vertebrae in my neck fused together today. I think I've spent too many years hunched over guitars and computer keyboards...

Banana popsicles were go-to meal in recovery...

March 10, 2014
Met with Jerimae Yoder, this worship leader from Norwalk, OH. This guy’s impressive...
July 20, 2014
Just released my first big course, The Exceptional Worship Team Coaching Course. I wonder if I should start spending more time here than at my church job?

January 1, 2015
Just launched my weekly podcast!  

February 15, 2015
Might need to call it a monthly podcast. I need more time to work on this stuff...

February 20, 2015
Shannon and I are finally taking a real honeymoon, and our first cruise. I could get used to 5 meals a day...  

March 25, 2015
Had wings with Jerimae today. Asked him to be my Director of Coaching.

September 1, 2015
Officially began to reduce my hours at Heartland Church to spend more time on WorshipTeamCoach.com

And had Dairy Queen with this crew...

November 2, 2015
Finally released a mobile-friendly version of WorshipTeamCoach.com with a much-needed facelift. And a better About Me page...