Meet The Team

Jerimae Yoder

Director of Coaching

Jerimae, besides having too many vowels in his first name, is a fantastic coach and mentor to musicians, artists and worship leaders.

Jerimae and Jon drive to each other's places monthly to "work" on developing our coaches and coaching resources. But usually it's just an excuse to get sushi or try out really good burger places.

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Scott Gorman

Coach/ Facilitator

Scott got connected with as a participant in coaching group a few years ago and is now a coach for our Small Church/Big Worship Coaching Group.

Besides being a coach, Scott also has the dubious distinction of being the professional voice-over announcer at the beginning of Jon's podcast.

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Andrea Hamilton

Content Contributor

Andrea is a regular contributor to the blog. And she's a rock star.


OK. That's not how she'd describe it. But besides being a worship director at a church in southern California, she's also a singer-songwriter with a killer sound that you need to check out.

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Paula prefers to be behind-the-scenes. And by that it means she's kicking Jon's tail with deadlines, making sure layouts for projects are just right, and talking Jon off the cliff when things get stressful. That's the etcetera.

She also works with Jon at Heartland Church as the Communications Director and makes the meanest chocolate chip cookies you will EVER have.

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Jon Nicol

Founder /
Director of Making Stuff

Jon is the CWO of WTC. That's Chief Whatever Officer. He's been doing whatever it takes to make happen since he started blogging a few years ago at 5am each day before his kids woke up.

Forming a team to share in this adventure has been on Jon's heart for awhile. He's stoked to serving alongside this team.

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Interested in Being On This Team?

We have room on our team for self-starters who want to help churches, worship leaders and teams.

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