Paula & Roger Jones

Paula Jones

Here I am with my Roger, fresh out of college and excited to get started in my new career! Yep. I'm a late bloomer. I spent 20 years raising a son, THEN met my Roger, went back to college and finally graduated.

We have three kids combined, plus two more acquired through marriage. Roger has Diana (and her Irish husband, Niall), Joe (and his Egyptian wife Yara) and I have Greg. Since Roger's kids are Korean/American, you might say we are an international family!



Our Fourth

It must be said that Coco is more like our fourth child than our dog. Some of you can relate, others not so much. Her mama, our cat Honey, takes care of her and keeps her in place. I'm only her mama when I have a ham bone in my pocket or a leash in my hand.



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one last thing

I am the absolutely worst selfie taker in the entire world. I don't own the "stick" thing, and it took me a couple of years to realize I could change the orientation of the camera to see me shooting myself. Hasn't helped. Still awful. Not too worried about that skill, I have to admit, 'cause I can cook like nobody's business.