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Failing Forward: How to Mess Up The Right Way as a Leader

100% of leaders mess up. So how do we do it well?
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Jealousy in Worship - Why It's Twice as Deadly

Why jealousy can kill your ministry (and your heart)...
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How To Respond to People Who Don't Think You Should Be Leading (Cause You're a Girl)

Girls can't lead...can they?
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Leading A Lot of Worship? Three Tips To Help You Stay Sincere

How to stay fresh when you're leading week after week...
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4 Ways to Disarm Division On Your Team

Practical steps to follow Romans 12:18, " at peace with everyone."
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Workaholic Worship Leader: 3 Tips for Keeping First Things First

Three ways to fight the imbalanced life...
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Your To Do List is Keeping You From This Crucial Leadership Role

The role most needed (but most neglected) by worship leaders...
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3 Things I Wish I Knew When I Started Leading

What I'd tell my younger self starting out in worship leadership
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[Album Review] Poets and Saints by All Sons & Daughters

A review of All Sons & Daughters' new album Poets & Saints
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