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Here’s what it will do for your team...

A Better Sounding Team in 2024!

How will this Worship Team Training Bundle help you get your team to sound better?

They’ll learn how to...

  • Play tight and together — no more sloppy songs.

Even if you rarely have the same band configuration, your team will know how to play and sing tight and in the pocket.  

  • Come to rehearsal fully prepared.

Eliminate those stressful Sundays where you just hope the band can pull it together. 

  • Sound like the recording — without buying the multitracks.

Learn to approximate the arrangement with less effort and fewer instruments. 

  • Create their own fantastic sounding arrangements.

Your team won’t just be pounding chords off a chart. 

  • Prepare songs quicker with less practice time.

No more excuses for NOT practicing.

  • Memorize music fast.

If you’ve wanted to say goodbye to music stands, this bundle will get you there.

  • Practice and perform with a click.

No more speeding up fast songs and dragging down slow songs.

  • Create powerful dynamics in every song.

No more flat sounding arrangements; and say goodbye to busy instruments and voices crowding out the quiet moments. 

  • Make a big sound with a small band.

Don’t let the size of your team be an excuse for not creating powerful arrangements any longer.

A More Engaged & Expressive Team in 2024!

How will this Worship Team Training Bundle help you get your team to be more engaging lead worshipers?

They’ll learn...

  • The Biblical reasons they’re on the platform, and why it matters.
  • How to prepare their heart and not just their instrument and voices.
  • What the Bible teaches about worship and expressiveness.
  • What's good platform presence (and how to practice it to get better)
  • How to serve with the right attitude. (Say goodbye to divas and rockstars!)


They’ll learn how to...

  • Be engaging on the platform, without being ‘performance-y’ 
  • Get their heads out of their music stands and their eyes off the confidence monitor
  • Love and serve the congregation
  • Worship and lead genuinely — even when they don’t ‘feel’ like it. 
  • Move towards being a worship leader who can lead a full set of songs.

What's Inside This Bundle?

Grow Engaged Lead Worshipers

Current Price $49 Each (Combined Price: $98)

Lead Worshiper 101 & 201 Worship Team Training Classes

Help your team know what it means to be a lead worshiper. Too often, team members are spiritually unprepared, or just focus on the music stand, or aren't expressive, or think it's all about the music.

  • Biblical Foundation: Your team will more deeply understand their Biblical, two-fold role as lead worshipers. They'll also get a greater understanding of the Biblical expressions of worship.

  • NOT About the Music: Your team will explore and discuss why they do what they do. And how it's NOT just about making music.

  • Serving With The Right Heart: Your team will learn that being on the worship team is NOT about their personal or stylistic preferences. They'll also learn how to make it all about Jesus…even when they're the ones on a "stage."

  • Expressive & Engaging: Your team will explore how to lead expressively and how to engage the congregation...all without making it a performance. They also discover how they can lead with authority and confidence.

  • NOT About How I Feel: Feelings and emotions are a valid part of worship. But your team will explore how worship is a matter of choice. And they'll learn how to worship even if they don't "feel" spiritual.

  • Why Songs Matter: Your team will learn why it's important to be intentional not only about which songs we sing, but also how often we sing them. Team members can get sick of songs long before the congregation, so we deal with that issue.

These two classes is DONE-FOR-YOU, ready-made training for your team. They contain contains short, on-demand video lessons, a discussion guide, a leader's implementation guide, slide graphics, and team member handouts.

Build a Solid Band...

Current Price: $49

Arranging Essentials: Worship Band Training

This isn't Bach's counterpoint or the musical equivalent of brain surgery. In this course, your team will learn easy-to-apply concepts and tools that will help them create a killer arrangement of any song, no matter what size your band.

  • Arrangement Hack: Your team will learn the skills to "arrangement hack"-that is, to create a great sounding arrangement similar to recording, without the pressure to duplicate it perfectly.

  • Tight & Together: Your team will play tighter and more together because they've learned how to self-arrange, how to complement each other, and really listen to each other.

  • Better Mix: Get your sound techs and musicians on the same page so the tech knows how to mix the arrangement, and the band gives the tech something worth mixing.

  • Create YOUR Sound: Make song arrangements your own. You'll learn how to arrange in a way that musically fits your team, your church, and the culture in which you're serving.

  • Less Ego/More Teamwork: Create collaboration & healthy musical dialog among your team members. This course will help them understand musical teamwork like never before.

  • Train New Leaders: This class is a ready-made resource to train up new musical directors and band leaders.

This workshop is DONE-FOR-YOU, ready-made training. It contains seven on-demand video sessions, discussion guide, leader's implementation guide, slide graphics, and team member handouts.

See & Hear How It's Done...

Current Price: $149

Worship Band 101: Team Musicianship

Everything your team learns in Arranging Essentials, they get to see demonstrated inside this in-depth course taught by professional musicians. You get almost 4 hours of ready-made, practical instruction (in bite-size pieces) to train your team.

Here are the six classes... 

Class 1: Own Your Space (But Play Nice With Others)

Learn how to create a tight sound by knowing your place, practicing your part, and leaving room for others in the band.

Class 2: Create a Killer Musical Journey

Learn how to create a dynamic, musical journey in different styles and tempos.

Class 3: Crush the Critical Moments

Learn how to create critical moments with intentional intros, endings, and transitions.

Class 4: Small Band/Big Worship

The band arranges two songs with just piano, acoustic guitar and percussion to show you how to make a big sound from just a few instruments.

Class 5: Prepare Like a Pro

Learn and apply the preparation mindset and habits of professional musicians.

Class 6: One Team: Deepen The Musician & Tech Relationship

Discover ways to strengthen the critical relationship between the production techs and the platform team.

Make Practice a Priority

None of the musicianship or lead worshiper training will mean anything if your team doesn't practice. That's why we've bundled in these next two courses...

Current Price: $147

Practice Matters

This 9-module, on-demand video course will...

  • Teach your team the value of preparation from a biblical perspective.
  • Reduce the stress and frustration of people coming unprepared to rehearsals.
  • Help you make the most of your rehearsal time.
  • Teach your team practical techniques that will improve their ability to prepare.
  • Deepen the musicianship & commitment level of your team members.
  • Encourage and teach your team to memorize their music.
Regular Price: $249

EXCELLENCE: Build a Preparation-Driven Team

Where Practice Matters teaches your team the why, what, and how of personal preparation...

EXCELLENCE helps you build a team culture that can sustain that excellenceweek after week.

Teaching your team how to practice is only one step in the process. 

This course...

  • Gives you an easy-to-follow, nine-step process to transform your team’s practice culture.

  • Helps you move from mediocre standards to your team coming in fully prepared for rehearsals and services.

  • Teaches you how to make practice easier — for you and your team members.

"How Do I Implement All This?"

Just owning this content won't help your team. You gotta use it. That's why we've bundled in this next course — to help you implement all this training...

Regular Price: $297

ENGAGED: Develop ALL-IN Team Members

For too many worship leaders, developing team members takes a backseat to more urgent demands of the worship ministry.

But if you aren’t intentionally growing your team members—musically, spiritually, and relationally—the health of your team will erode and affect the gathered worship of your church.

This RENOV8 Workshop will help you...

  • Create a process to mentor, grow, and motivate team members towards their potential—musically, spiritually and relationally.

  • Grow Your Team with Seven Indicators of Health
    Learn the seven critical commitments of a healthy, engaged team member. Includes a ready-made assessment tool.

  • Conduct Regular Team Member Reviews
    You'll learn how to assess and review your team members as a step towards growth.

  • Overcome Busyness
    You'll learn techniques for getting busy volunteers to invest in development.

And this isn’t just training — The ENGAGED Course includes ready made tools and assessments to help you grow your team, year-after-year. 

What's My Investment?

If you purchased each of these trainings at their current regular prices...

The current, individual price for each of these courses: 

  • Lead Worshiper 101 = $49
  • Lead Worshiper 201 = $49
  • Arranging Essentials = $49
  • Worship Band 101 = $149
  • Practice Matters = $147
  • RENOV8 Excellence = $249 
  • RENOV8 Engaged = $297

The total cost for all these courses: $989!

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