14 Ways to Escape the First Four Frets, Part 6

14 Ways to Escape the First Four Frets, Part 6
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[Escape #5] Open Movable Chords

There's nothing new under the sun. But sometime in jr. high, circa 1988, I slid the open E chord shape up to the 6th fret I thought I had found it. I moved it two more frets and was absolutely convinced that I had stumbled on the greatest find since six strings had been tied to a piece of wood.

Turns out I wasn't the first. Within a decade, the worship music scene was dominated by acoustic guitars playing open movable chords. The two quintessential songs of that era was Open the Eyes of My Heart by Paul Baloche and Delirious'  I Could Sing of Your Love Forever.

While the sound in modern worship has moved away from that open acoustic sound, the technique is still being used and innovated upon. And it's still a great way to escape the first four frets.

Here's a comprehensive e-training on open movable chords I use in my live workshops. If you have questions or comments, drop me an email or reply to this post.

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