Top 10 Reasons to Host a Worship Guitar Workshop

Teach your guitarists how to play something other than Stairway to Heaven.

The guitar has between 15 & 22 playable frets.
The average guitarist uses only 4 of those.

Your more experienced guitarists will gain tools to help them train other guitarists.

You just might scare up some guitarists that are hiding in your congregation.

You can serve other churches in the area by opening the workshop up for their players.
(Did we mention they will probably cover a majority of the expenses?)

These workshops will help your guitarists play well with others.
(Yes, they will learn how to get along with the pianist)

Church musicians are always looking for a reason to hang out, drink coffee and eat donuts.

There are guitarists in your community who don't yet know Jesus. They just might attend [if invited].

We may not have 10-strings, but it's still a great reason.

Help your guitarists cultivate a servant's heart in their music and ministry.

Host a workshop with little or no damage to your church budget:
Download the brochure
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Originally written: September 5, 2010
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