Chord of the Week - F#m7(4)

By Jon Nicol

You'll also see this chord written as F#m11, F#m7add4, etc. This is my "go-to" chord for most songs calling for F#m7. It works best in the key of A (6m) and the key of E (2m). It can also work in the key of D, but you don't see 3m chords used as often as the 6m and 2m. 

Trust your ear, because sometimes doesn't that 4th interval doesn't work. If you see an F#m, you can give this F#m7(4) chord a try. But you may want to stick with the straight F#m. Sometimes the straight minor sounds the best.

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Originally written: May 18, 2011
Keywords: f#m11, f#m7, f#m7(4)
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