14 Ways To Escape the First Four Frets - #11: The Major Scale

By Jon Nicol

In this video lesson, I dive into Position Scales - specifically G Major. "Position Scales" is an approach to playing scales by which we build a new "shape" or position scale from each note in the key. So this first G major scale is built on the root, or G. After this, you would move to the A on the 6th string (5th fret) and play the G major scale from there, and so one.

This position scale method will break you out of the gravitational pull of the first 4 frets. You'll also figure out some great scale shapes for soloing (and give your fingers a brutal workout). And don't forget, these are all movable shapes - that is, once you learn them in one key, you simply need to start on a new root note to play in a different key. At the bottom of this post is the tab and scale diagram for this scale.

If you'd like to learn more of these position scales, check out my new DVD training, Lead: Step One. It dives deep into not only Major Scales, but Pentatonic Scales as well. And we don't just look at one apporach to playing scales. The DVD lessons will help you understand how to connect the various position shapes to move up the neck fluidly.

And best of all, this is practical. I help you connect scales to what you would do on the worship team, from improv and solos, to filling and intro riffs.

Here is the tab and scale diagram I use in this video:

G Major Scale Tab


G Ionian - diagram

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