Meet the Blues Scale

By Jon Nicol

An Introduction from the Blues Scale

In this guitar lesson, I'd like you to meet the blues scale. The minor pentatonic is to a lead guitarist what a sequence jumpsuit is to an Elvis impersonator.

It's essential. (And chicks dig it...but that's just a bonus.)

The blues scale is a variation of the minor pentatonic scale. The fretboard diagram below is shown in the video, but I've also included the tab here, too.

A Blues - chord diagram from Lead Step One

A Pentatonic / Blues Scale Tab

If you like this guitar lesson and want more like it, you can get "Pentatonic 1" for only $4 as digital download. It's part of the full length training DVD, Lead:Step One, and is also available by digital download. Here are some other video guitar lessons you can download.

And if you want, nay, need to hire an Elvis impersonator, the picture at the top is John Jensen from Cleveland, OH. He's your man.

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Originally written: January 3, 2012
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