Making Sense of Relative Major & Minor

By Jon Nicol

We guitarists love the minor pentatonic. But unfortunately, if the song is in the key of A, we can't play the A Minor Pentatonic. Well, we can, actually. But it won't sound very good. So here's a music theory / guitar lesson that help you make sense of this thing called Relative Major and Minor

Here's a free  Relative Major and Minor Reference Chart to download and keep handy as you're learning these.

This segment is part of a larger lead guitar training video called Lead: Step One. It's available on DVD, Digital Download, or you can buy just the sections you want:

Pentatonic Scale 1
Pentatonic Scale 2
Pentatonic Scale 3
Major Scale 1Major Scale 2Major Scale 3

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Originally written: January 10, 2012
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