Slash Chords: Why Guitarists Should Play the Bass Note

By Jon Nicol

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When you played started playing guitar for worship, you probably very quickly encountered weird chords like...





Confusion and befuddlement set in nearly paralyzing you. That is, until some seasoned sage of the stage explained that "those are 'slash chords' and you should just play the chord on the left (or the top, in some cases). And don't worry about the note on the right. The bass and piano player will get that."

Paralysis averted. Move on.

But it's time for guitarists to stand up and reclaim that note on the right. You can do it. This free video lesson will help.

chord voicings for the advancing guitarist - DVD & digital downloadIt comes from "Chord Voicings for the Advancing Guitarist." Specifically from the section on "Slash Chords." It will teach you everything you need to know about inversions--which is just the fancy name for the main type of slash chord. 

But this video dives into a different kind of slash chord that we see in worship music (and jazz and pop and country and punk-rock…OK, not probably not punk rock). It's called a hybrid chord. Check it out:

Slash Chords Guitar Lessons Digital DownloadAnd for the next two weeks, you can get this whole training on inversions AND any of the other guitar videos for 25% off.

Just type in "BLOG" and the discount will be added. (And here's a secret, you'll get 25% off of any other product you put in your cart with that purchase. Just a little bonus for my guitar friends.) Here are some other videos:

Chord Voicings "Buy by the Lesson" Options
Lead: Step One -  Full DVD or Digital Download

Lead: Step One - "Buy by the Lesson" Options

Got any questions on this, ask them here in the comment section. Or let me know this: Have you reclaimed the note on the right? If so, what's your favorite slash chord?

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Originally written: October 25, 2012
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