Free Christmas Song - MP3, chart, video lesson & how-to

By Jon Nicol

Merry Christmas from Jon &!

If you want to take a few of your Christmas songs down a different route this Advent, consider using some jazz influenced arrangement. Or if you just want to learn some basic jazz guitar stuff, check this out.

The 18-minute lesson shows you how to play the changes to this jazz arrangement of God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen. To say Merry Christmas, to my blog readers, you can download the MP3 and chordchart/how-to-guide for FREE for a short-time.

And stop back frequently over the next couple weeks before Christmas. We'll be giving away more songs from the album.

And we're also running a big fat sale on the guitar book and MP3 album for Christmas if you want the whole enchilada. So don't miss that.

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