Average Musicians, Amazing Results...How?

By Jon Nicol

Relying on the Rockstar

Ever had a super-talented musician come along that kicked up your worship team’s sound several notches?

  • Maybe it was a drummer who brought a newfound drive and energy to your sound.
  • Or a keyboard player who could (tastefully) fill and improvise.
  • Or a bass player who could lay a foundation like you never had before.
  • Or a guitar player that could actually play the riffs from the recording.

Admit it—secretly, you wanted to schedule him or her EVERY week. I know I did.

Whenever that musician is scheduled, it’s like breathing fresh air after being stuck in a box.

But then there’s that one Sunday when they’re not scheduled. You’re back in the box, breathing the stale air of average.

Unfortunately, your congregation can tell, too.

On the weeks your high-level player is on, you get all sorts of compliments ranging from, “Wow! That sounded great!” to “That was amazing time of worship today” and even “I sooo felt the Presence of the Lord…”.

And the very next week when the golden child’s not scheduled?


Now, do I have an issue with a musician joining my team whose talent is lightyears beyond the rest of the team? If he’s not a jerk (or she’s not a diva), and they’re there to serve, heck no! Bring ’em on.

But here’s the problem: too many worship leaders are waiting for that one rock star who can raise the whole level of the team.

And if those leaders do have a killer musician on their team, they’re frustrated when that person isn’t there to carry the band.

The Untapped Potential of “Average”

What if instead of relying on a rock star, we explore the untapped potential of an average team creating above-average music.


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Originally written: January 30, 2018
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