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The Six Must-Have Elements of a Team Scheduling System

The Six Must-Have Elements of a Team Scheduling System

By Jon Nicol   |  June 6, 2018

Let me give you an ulcer: You’ve just been asked to lead a worship ministry full of people who

  • Routinely "no-show" at rehearsals.
  • Give late-notice call-offs.
  • Don’t bother finding a replacement.
  • Don’t respond to scheduling requests.
  • Have availability issues. (Like, “I only can be scheduled every 3rd Sunday that falls immediately after a 2nd Saturday, and only in odd-numbered months...")
  • Require you to scramble for at least one last-minute replacement weekly.

A team with this much dysfunction is more common than you think. I’m amazed at what some worship leaders put up with from their team members. But even if your team only has a fraction of the above infractions, you still have some very real commitment issues.

It’s why you need a fantastic scheduling process. In fact, if you get it right, you can raise the commitment level of your team. More on that in a second.





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