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200 Words (or Less) About Being a Worship Musician: 6 Key Elements

200 Words (or Less) About Being a Worship Musician: 6 Key Elements

By Jon Nicol   |  July 20, 2009

What makes for a good worship team musician? Gotta have talent, right? But is talent enough? Or is it good enough to be faithful to the ministry? Where does passion fit? Or spiritual maturity? How about that often intangible idea of being "called"?

200 Words (or Less) About Being a Worship Musician: The Worship Musician as Teacher

By Jon Nicol   |  June 17, 2009

As worship musicians (vocalists and instrumentalists) part of our ministry is teaching. We teach the congregation what it is to participate in corporate worship...



By Jon Nicol   |  May 14, 2009

There were two musicians that I worked with in a previous ministry. Looking back, I made two different choices: I chose to protect the feelings of one and speak truth to the other. I chose to "like" one (and really, to have him like me), and to show love to the other, and risked him not liking me.

GeoTrax and Worship Planning

GeoTrax and Worship Planning

By Jon Nicol   |  April 16, 2009

My first few attempts at building a complex track system found that trains either got stuck going one direction or, even worse, were marooned on one section of tracks because I hadn't set up the switch rails and crossover tracks correctly. And the more systems I built, the more I realized: "I need more tracks!" This is where my wife rolls her eyes and asks Jesus why 1 of her 3 children is a 35 year-old man.





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