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Coaching Agreement


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Coach Responsibilities

As your coach:

  • I want to help you grow, change, develop and achieve your leadership, family, ministry and creative goals. You are responsible for your life, and you will make the choices about what actions to take and what we work on together.
  • I will provide support, accountability, perspective, challenge and resources for your change goals.
  • I choose to see you with God’s eyes and we will consistently and enthusiastically believe in you as you reach towards your destiny.

Your coaching sessions are completely confidential. Occasionally I may ask for testimonials or permission to share your success stories, but these are not required.

Coach: Jerimae Yoder

Leader (Client) Responsibilities

As a leader:

  • I am responsible for my own growth and success, and with my coach’s help, I will define our agenda and my growth goals as guided by my own values and priorities.
  • I want change in my life and am willing to invest time and energy between sessions and to try new approaches in order to meet my goals.
  • I commit to honesty in this coaching relationship because I understand that the degree of honesty with my coach and the willingness to share what’s really happening in my life and with my goals will significantly impact the effectiveness of the coaching.
  • I am committing to coaching for one (1) session with the understanding that if I find I cannot complete the program, I will discuss this with my coach before discontinuing. I also understand that in order to be part of the program I am agreeing to the following:
    • To finish all pre-coaching assessments.
    • To hold my session as highly important in my schedule, and arrive /call in promptly.
    • I understand that if I fail to set my appointment within two months of signing up for The Blueprint Session, I will forfeit my coaching call.
    • I understand that if I miss my scheduled meeting without calling to postpone with at least 24 hours advance notice, the money I’ve paid in advance for my coach’s time is non-refundable and will not be applied to a later session. Grace may be applied in emergency situations at the coach’s discretion, but I should not expect it.

Blueprint Coaching Agreement

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