Client Case Studies

Below you’ll find a list of stories from worship leaders who have implemented the Exceptional Every Sunday model.

Check out the results they’re getting to see what’s possible for you and your worship team.

Turned Around a Dysfunctional Team (In a Short Time)

Matt Miller - Freedom Church

Meet Matt:

  • An overworked volunteer worship leader (putting in 20+ hours a week for NO pay)...
  • Who needed to turn around a dysfunctional worship team…
  • So he got serious about building a team culture that prioritized personal practice and embraced tough conversations...

But then, the church leadership found out, and here’s what happens next…

Here are some highlights from the video…

  • 6:19 - See how Matt swallowed his pride and got help…
  • 8:30 - Find out how Matt got his congregation worshiping enthusiastically… every Sunday!
  • 11:54 - Discover how Matt created a culture where failing to practice was more than a musical issue…
  • 14:20 - Learn how Matt moved his team past their own egos…
  • 15:18 - Jon reveals one of Matt’s critical secrets of success…
  • 28:40 - Find out how Matt fits a Sunday rehearsal, team devotional, and short training in just 90-minutes every Thursday evening.

During this short conversation, you’ll going to see Matt’s journey from an overloaded volunteer worship leader to a full-time worship leader who's intentionally building a team that can make every Sunday exceptional.

A Young Worship Leader Overcame Insecurity & Gained Confidence to Lead His Team

Jack Hishmeh - Northland Christian Church

In this conversation, we talk with Jack Hishmeh, a member of our Exceptional Every Sunday Coaching Program and worship leader at Northland Christian Church in Topeka, Kansas.

Lead Pastor Invests In His Young Worship Leader

Dave Rizor, Senior Pastor - Northland Christian Church

A Volunteer Couple Takes Over a Struggling Worship Ministry (During COVID)

Missy & Rob Cornell - Faith Family Church

Leading a worship team is tough. Taking over a struggling worship team during a pandemic — with no prior experience — is extra tough. But find out how these two worship leaders are turning around their worship ministry.

A Young Worship Leader at a Large Church Needs to Equip More Worship Leaders

Anna Baker - Oak Ridge Church

Anna Baker decided it was time to get serious about building other leaders. She's a young worship leader in a large, growing church. So, she needs more time to equip additional worship leaders and grow her team members.

A "Leaderless" Team Gets Coaching...

Bill Connors, Senior Pastor - Eastern Hills Baptist Church

Gabe Almost Got Fired...

NOTE: this is not a polished or edited case study or testimonial. It's literally five minutes of uncut conversation between Gabe and me.

Gabe Loving - Christ Covenant Church

Not too long ago, I had a coaching session with one of our coaching group participants, Gabe Loving. He's a veteran worship pastor at Christ Covenant Church in Knoxville, TN.

We were just chatting at the end of the session, and the Zoom recording was still rolling. During that time, Gabe gave me some insight about how much we've been able to help him lead his worship ministry.

Toward the end, you'll hear Gabe say this, "This is going to help me keep my job."

Gabe doesn't go into detail in this conversation, but his job was on the line. The church leadership wasn't happy with where the worship ministry was going, and he needed to turn things around quick.

That's when we started working together.

Now, this is not a polished or edited case study or testimonial. It's literally five minutes of uncut conversation between Gabe and me.

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