Are you ready For a team that looks, sounds, and loves better week after week?

Discover How to Build a Consistently Excellent Worship Team, No Matter Who’s Scheduled (All Without Burning Out)

Dear Worship Leader,

In the book, Exceptional Every Sunday, we show you how to turn around… 

…a relationally dysfunctional and musically subpar team(in other words,  a train-wreck!)...  

…and grow it into a worship ministry that… 

  • Loves each other...
  • Shows up on-time with their parts learned... 
  • Worships with expression and engages with the congregation...
  • Sounds fantastic no matter who is scheduled...

And how to take at least one Sunday off a month!

We have been where you are, or have worked with leaders who have been there. 

And this book will help you…  

If you’re feeling ‘the grind – getting worn out meeting the high demands of Sunday, week after week, month after month, year after year…

If you’re tired of flying solo and you’d love to build a team of leaders…

If you KNOW there’s a different way to lead your ministry, but you don’t have the time to move past the high demands of Sunday…

This book will give not only the big picture strategy, but the practical steps to start moving towards it.

And let’s talk about your team. 

If you’ve inherited a team that’s musically sketchy and spiritually shallow…


If you’ve got an average team that’s OK with being just OK…


If you’ve got a fantastically solid team, but you know they could step up to more…  

This will give you a clear picture of how to transform them into the team you’ve always dreamed of leading.

Sunday Excellence Decoded

Over a decade ago, we started decoding what worked (and what didn’t) so we could help other worship leaders through coaching, courses, workshops, tools, and articles. 

After years of continuing to build ministry, and then coaching other leaders, we've created a model, a framework, called Exceptional Every Sunday™.

It will help you get a handle on what feels like an unattainable thing: 

  • To build the kind of team that’s consistently excellent week after week...
  • Without neglecting yourself or your family... 
  • AND, do it while meeting urgent, weekly demands of Sunday.    

For the first time, we've put that entire model into a book, Exceptional Every Sunday. 

We'll show you how to...

  • Intentionally create the conditions that build a healthy team culture.
  • Get your team to pursue excellence, showing up to rehearsal on-time and with their parts learned
  • Transform a stage full of statues or “I’m having my own personal worship time” into a platform full of engaging lead worshipers.
  • Grow your team numerically with the right kind of people – those who are onboard with your vision and help move you closer towards it. 
  • Build leaders that help carry the weight of ministry on and off the platform.
  • Triple (yes, triple!) your time off in a way that’s life-giving to you, your family, your team, and your church.


Inside Exceptional Every Sunday  we'll share with you the exact process to...

  • create a clear and compelling vision for this...
  • implement high expectations to move you toward your vision, and...
  • hold your team accountable to those culture-changing standards.


If you’re someone who just wants a quick fix or easy button, and doesn’t want to put in the work, this book isn’t for you.

Sure, you can skim through and find some killer tactics to implement as early as this week. And it’ll get you some noticeable results.

But if you want lasting improvement… 

…and you want to build the kind of worship team that’s leading high level worship…

…even when you’re on vacation (or just in congregation worshiping with your family)...

…We challenge you to put this model to the test.

What Most Worship Leaders WON’T Do

We go into detail in the book, but in 2009 Jon was hired as the full-time worship pastor at a church whose worship ministry was a Flamin' Hot Cheetos mess.

Like ‘orange fingers rubbed on a white t-shirt’ mess. 

After a few years of trying to right that ship, he discovered something completely counterintuitive to… 

  • How he was leading…
  • How most other worship leaders were leading…
  • And how most churches expected their worship leaders to lead…

We all were buying into a very convincing lie: 

As the worship leader, I need to prioritize Sunday services above all else.

We know, it doesn’t sound like a lie. It sounds like ‘your job.’

But here’s the counterintuitive truth (that comes from ancient leadership wisdom) that we discovered the hard way: 

When we focus on creating great Sundays every week, we create an OK team eventually. But when we work to build an exceptional team, eventually, we can't help but have exceptional Sundays… every week.

This is called the E4 Paradox™. It’s based on the scriptural wisdom of Ephesians 4:11-12:

Now these are the gifts Christ gave to the church: the apostles, the prophets, the evangelists, and the pastors and teachers. Their responsibility is to equip God's people to do his work and build up the church, the body of Christ. (NLT)

We were getting it wrong. As leaders, we did the work of ministry and asked our team to be assistants and substitutes! 

Instead we need to equip (disciple) team members and develop leaders to share in the work of ministry.

And this book will show you how to make that happen. 

Here’s What You’ll Discover Inside This Book

  • How to make significant time to work ON your ministry instead of being stuck IN it.
  • What it takes to get your team looking and sounding consistently good (and loving each other more). 
  • What processes and structures you need to build a team that’s excellent week after week.
  • How to build up leaders who can carry your vision even further than you.
  • How to start taking more time off that benefits you and your family, AND also your church and your team.
  • How to cast vision in a real, practical way that gets the results you want.
  • How to attract the kind of new people to your team that will move you towards your vision.  
  • How to get people to go along with all this change… and be happy about it.

This book is a "must-read" for the… 

  • New worship leader just starting out who wants to build the right foundation.
  • Worship leader who’s just taken a new position and inherited a less-than-ideal team.
  • The leader who’s getting burned out from the Sunday grind.
  • The leader who’s long suspected there has to be a different way to lead a worship ministry.
  • The lead or executive pastor who needs to help a struggling worship leader produce higher quality worship gatherings and manage his team better.  
  • The leader who’s looking at transitioning out in 6 months… or 6 years… and wants to hand off a healthy vibrant ministry that will thrive long after she’s left.

You might be thinking… 

“I need to leave and find a different church if I ever want to build the kind of team I’ve always dreamed of leading…”


“It’s going to take me YEARS to turn this team into a healthy worship ministry…”


“I just don’t know how to improve my team to make Sundays better – maybe I’m just not a very good leader…”

But STOP. 

Stop thinking that a new church will fix your problems. Or it’ll take you years to do this. Or that you CAN’T do it.

This book will show you how to build a team that’s exceptional every Sunday. 

And while the entire transformation isn’t instant, you’ll start to make noticeable improvements within a few weeks.

Over a few short months, you’ll look back and be amazed at how much progress your worship team has made.

That’s why were so excited to share this book with you. We KNOW it works.

Ready to Get the How-To Manual for Building a Team That’s Exceptional Every Sunday?


The price of Exceptional Every Sunday is just one payment of $4.99. 

Your digital copy of Exceptional Every Sunday will be delivered to your inbox right away so you can start discovering how to make this Sunday better...

...and also make time to improve your team for the long-term.

Your purchase today includes three bonuses that we are bundling in at NO COST with your order.

More on what's in that bonus bundle in a moment. First, let’s look at what’s in the book!

Here's What's in the Book

Part 1: The Problem with Sunday

In the first three chapters, Jon shares his story of leaving behind a mess in one church and inheriting an even bigger one at the next.

You’ll also discover why the conventional approach to building a worship ministry is based on a lie – and how that lie traps you in a vicious Sunday to Sunday grind.

We call that The Worship Leader Crazy Cycle.

Part 2: Exceptional Sundays Decoded

In the next three chapters, you’ll see clearly how E4 Leadership™ (a model of worship ministry leadership based on Ephesians 4) will help you break out of the The Worship Leader Crazy Cycle.

You will see the entire Exceptional Every Sunday Model and the three Big Growth Areas that are part of it - Capacity, Culture, and Capabilities. 

The next three sections of the book are dedicated to helping you overcome the barriers that keep you from leveling up those growth areas.

To do that, we'll show you both high-level strategies and tactical, practical help.

Part 3: Capacity - How to Have Enough Time & Energy to Transform Your Team

You need high-level capacity to build a team that’s consistently excellent every week AND still meet the high demands of Sunday.  

So in each of these three chapters, you'll see how to accomplish three big objectives to give you that capacity:

  1. Simplify Sunday Planning
  2. Build Supportive Structures
  3. Triple Your Time Off

Don’t worry, those will all make sense when you read the book.

Part 4: Culture - How to Create a Culture that Pursues Excellence

You probably realize it by now – change won’t stick without a culture shift.

To build the kind of team you’ve always dreamed of leading, you have to tackle the underlying team culture issues. To that, you'll see in each chapter how to

  1. Clarify Compelling Vision
  2. Create Vision-Driven Expectations
  3. Uphold Loving Standards

Again, when you get the book, you’ll see how all those objectives fit together. (And hint: there might even be a Venn diagram. We love a good Venn diagram!)

Part 5: Capabilities - Get Your Team to Look & Sound Exceptional Every Sunday

Once you have more capacity as a leader, and you’re starting to transform the underlying team culture, NOW it’s time to improve your team. Here are the three chapters to help you do that.

  1. Cultivate Musical Excellence
  2. Improve Platform Presence
  3. Attract Five-Star Recruits

This is a wildly practical section of the book. Some of this can be implemented THIS WEEK to see noticeable improvement.

And if #3 sounds a little Amway-ish, don’t worry. The whole five star thing will be explained inside.

Part 6: Your Next Steps

In this final, definitely-don’t-skip section of the book, we talk about what’s next for you and how to start implementing this method at a high level. 

Now, all that might sound great, but you might be thinking – is it going to work for me??

This Will Work for You Even if You’re Super Busy AND Your Team Isn’t Fully Onboard (or Even That Good)

You might be feeling this way...

You’ve been trying to change your team and build leaders, and you make some progress. 

But almost always they fall back into their old patterns. So many of your team members still…  

  • Don't practice enough
  • Won’t show expression
  • Don't listen to others in the band 
  • Can’t play in time
  • Have attitude issues
  • Are late to everything

And even those who are solid and qualified to step into leadership, say they’re too busy. 

Every time you think about implementing the next improvement tactic or training, it feels almost pointless. 

The work for Sunday takes up most of your time, so you don’t have the bandwidth to really invest in your team. 

And even if you did, would it make a difference??” 

YES! Your investment in your team will make a huge difference. 

But only if you dial in the Capacity, Culture, and Capabilities of your worship ministry.

When you get those three growth areas working together, you will be on the path to build the kind of team you’ve always dreamed of leading.

And that’s what Exceptional Every Sunday will do.

Each chapter is full of practical stuff to show you how to…

  • Free up more time.
  • Build a culture of excellence, and…
  • Grow a team that's consistently exceptional every Sunday.


If You Buy Exceptional Every Sunday Now You Get These Bonuses for Free!

BONUS 1: The Levels of Engagement Training Pack

A HUGE part of delivering an exceptional Sunday week after week is improving your team – musically, spiritually, and relationally. 

The Levels of Engagement is an assessment tool for identifying what “level” your team is on and determining what they need to go to the next. 

We teach the Levels in the book, but this video & guidebook will help you take it much further than we can show you in the book. 

AND, it even includes done-for-you assessment pages you can use for each of your team members.

BONUS #2: The Team Musicianship Checklist

You want a worship band that plays and sings tight and together. 

Whether you’ve got a stripped-down acoustic combo; a seven-piece modern worship band, or a choir and orchestra, your vocalists and instrumentalists need to know the fundamentals of team musicianship.

This Team Musicianship Checklist is a simple way to get your team talking about what needs to improve. 

Some may have never thought about team musicianship concepts before. For others, it’ll be the perfect reminder to step up their game.


BONUS #3: The 7 Checkpoints to Healthy Master Song List

So much of the success of the Exceptional Every Sunday framework depends on something you might not think about: how to rotate and manage your songs. 

This affects…  

  • How much (or little) your church sings. 
  • How prepared and confident your team is
  • How quickly you can plan high quality worship sets.    

And all that matters for building a team that’s exceptional every Sunday.

This short guidebook will walk you through the 7 steps to manage and rotate your songs effectively. 

BONUS #4: The EES Jumpstart Package

To get you moving quicker, We've included a jumpstart package with 3 critical steps.


1. The Exceptional Every Sunday Overview

First, you get a video where we teach you the Exceptional Every Sunday (EES) model.

If you watch this before you start, you'll have more insight and clarity as you read the book.


2. Understanding E4 Leadership

Next, you get another short training where we cover a foundational concept in the book, E4 Leadership™. This is the ancient leadership wisdom that's driving the entire Exceptional Every Sunday Model.


3. The Exceptional Sunday Assessment

When you're ready, you get to meet 1:1 with a coach to talk about...

  • What your team could look like in 6 - 18 months if you implemented the Exceptional Every Sunday model.
  • What's going on currently with your team — musically, spiritually, and relationally.
  • What roadblock or barrier might be holding you back from leading your team forward.

This is NOT a sales call. It's focused totally on you and what you need next.

Get the Exceptional Every Sunday Book for a Crazy Low Price!


When you order today, you’ll get an immediate digital download plus all 3 of the bonuses listed above at no additional cost.

This book and bundle contains the exact framework we use to help worship leaders build worship teams that look better, sound better, and love better – consistently excellent week after week.

This isn't a 50-page, throwaway 'ebook'. It's 313 pages of practical help and step-by-step strategies to help you improve your worship ministry.

Don’t Just Take My Word For It...

Here are some of the results and experiences of those who have implemented the Exceptional Every Sunday Model...

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Get the Book + Bonus Bundle For $4.99!

All 313-pages of Exceptional Every Sunday (Digital Version)

BONUS #1: Levels of Engagement Video / Guidebook & Assessment Sheet

BONUS #2: The Team Musicianship Checklist

BONUS #3: The 7 Checkpoints to Healthy Master Song List

BONUS #4: The Exceptional Every Sunday Jumpstart Package

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Here’s a simple promise:

The Exceptional Every Sunday book will show you everything that I’ve told you about on this page and more.

If you’re not satisfied with the book for ANY reason…

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This is a one-year money-back guarantee!

  • The Exceptional Every Sunday Book (Digital Version)
  • BONUS #1: Levels of Engagement Video / Guidebook & Assessment Sheet
  • BONUS #2: The Team Musicianship Checklist
  • BONUS #3: The 7 Checkpoints to Healthy Master Song List

All for only one-payment of $4.99!

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