Gabe Almost Got Fired...

Not too long ago, I had a coaching session with one of our 'Your Worship Mentor' participants, Gabe Loving. He's a veteran worship pastor at Christ Covenant Church in Knoxville, TN.

We were just chatting at the end of the session, and the Zoom recording was still rolling. During that time, Gabe gave me some insight about how much we've been able to help him lead his worship ministry.

Toward the end, you'll hear Gabe say this, "This is going to help me keep my job."

Gabe doesn't go into detail in this conversation, but his job was on the line. The church leadership wasn't happy with where the worship ministry was going, and he needed to turn things around quick.

That's when we started working together.

Now, this is not a polished or edited case study or testimonial. It's literally five minutes of uncut conversation between Gabe and me.

Click the video below to start watching...

What's next for you?

If this conversation with Gabe's is resonating with you, we have a few different programs and resources that might be the right 'next step' for you.

  • Grow your team members and leaders through our ready-made team member development process. (Worship Workshop).
  • Implement intentional and efficient systems in eight critical areas of your ministry (The RENOV8 Workshop Series).
  • Get coaching and mentoring through a done-with-you process of building your worship ministry.

If you're interested in exploring your next step, let's schedule a 15-minute, Rapid Team Progress Audit.

We’ll look at your current situation to see what’s working and what’s not, and then see what's possible for your team in the first 30-90 days of next year.

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