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Healthy Auditions:
3 Secrets to Avoid Toxic Tryouts and Keep Dysfunctional People OUT of Your Worship Team

What You'll Learn at This Training:

  • You’ll learn how create a process that weeds out most of the unqualified candidates BEFORE they get to an audition.
  • You’ll learn how to say No more easily. (But still graciously.)
  • You’ll learn how to get to know a potential team member faster, so you can be more confident that they’re a good fit.
  • You’ll discover a way to have “auditions” that aren’t viewed as “auditions.” (Because some churches just don’t like the idea of auditions.)
  • You’ll learn how to implement a consistent, standardized process for qualifying new team members—even if you’re unorganized and NOT administratively-gifted.
  • You’ll learn what to do with people who aren’t quite ready—either skill- or maturity-wise. (Hint: it’s NOT saying no, but it’s also not giving them the keys to the Tesla Model S.)
  • You’ll learn how to take an already-solid audition process to a new level of effectiveness and efficiency—even to the place where you can delegate parts or all of it to others.

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