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Get Both Lead Worshiper 101 and 201 to Develop Your Team Members

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If you’re serious about helping your team become stronger lead worshipers, you need to invest in Lead Worshiper 101 and 201.

Too often, team members are spiritually unprepared, or just focus on the music stand, or aren't expressive, or think it's all about the music. But these two courses will help prepare your team members to rise to level of lead worshiper.

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Your Team Will Learn...

  • The Biblical Foundation for What They Do:

Your team will more deeply understand their Biblical, two-fold role as lead worshipers. They'll also get a greater understanding of theBiblical expressions of worship.

  • It’s NOT About the Music:

Your team will explore and discuss why they do what they do. And how it’s NOT just about making music.

  • To Serve With The Right Heart:

Your team will learn that being on the worship team is NOT about their personal or stylistic preferences. They'll also learn how to make it all about Jesus…even when they're the ones on a "stage."

  • To Be Expressive & Engaging (Without Being Fake):

Your team will explore how to lead expressively and how to engage the congregation...all without being fake or making it a performance. They also discover how they can lead with authority and confidence.

  • That Leading Expressive Worship is NOT About How they Feel:

Feelings and emotions are a valid part of worship. But your team will explore how worship is a matter of choice. And they'll learn how to worship even if they don't "feel" spiritual.

These two courses are DONE-FOR-YOU, ready-made training for your team. They contain contains short, on-demand video lessons, a discussion guide, a leader's implementation guide, slide graphics, and team member handouts.

Use this discount code to get 50% off: LWPOD50

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