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Get The 9 Game-Changing Habits Assessment


Explore 9 habits that can Be "Game-Changers" for your team.


Discover which ones are your strongest, and which ones need work.


Get a free coaching video to build the habit you want to work on the most.



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Building an even better worship team requires doing the right things over and over (and over) until they are part of your culture. In other words:

Habits. Great worship teams have great habits.

As you take this short, two-minute assessment, you'll learn about nine habits that have the potential to be game-changers. That is, if these personal and organizational habits get ingrained in your team, your ministry will be transformed.

After you take this short assessment, you'll have a clearer picture of how far along you are when it comes to building those habits.

Get a free training video

Assessments are great and all, but what you want is real change. That's why AFTER you complete the assessment, you'll also get a free coaching video tailored to help you build the habit you need to work on the most.

And not only that, you'll also get a full transcript of the video AND a 9 Habits Quick Reference Sheet for reviewing the 9 Habits and checking your progress.


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 Complete the 9 Habits Assessment

  Follow the instructions on the assessment to get The free Coaching Video. 


Don't just get the assessment and stop. After you sign up using the button above, make sure you follow the steps in the assessment to get your free coaching video, full video transcript, and the The 9-Habit Quick Review Sheet.