Practice and Rehearsals

Creating a "Culture of Preparation" in Your Worship Ministry

If Preparation Didn't Matter

Creating a Preparation Policy

10 Tips to a Better Rehearsal
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Preparation "Sins" from the Deadly Sins series.

Marking Your Charts

Six Excuses for Not Listening to Songs

Learning a Song Versus Knowing a Song

8 Practice Tips for Your Team

Vocalists: Lose the Music Stand

Kick Your Music Stand to the Curb - Part 1   Part 2

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10 Costly Rehearsal Mistakes
Part 1: Planning to Fail...
Part 2: One Mistake Your Singers Will Resent
Part 3: Two Extremes to Avoid in Rehearsal
Part 4: Being Over-Fun or Over-Serious
Part 5: Stopping Run-Throughs
Part 6: What You're Forgetting to Rehearse, 1
Part 7: What You're Forgetting to Rehearse, 2