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Small Church/Big Worship: An Introduction

Numbers Matter

2 or 3 More Numbers That Matter

Small Churches Are Small Because They're Doing Something Wrong

Top Ten Signs You Lead a Smaller Church Worship Ministry
(A Musicademy article)

Three Truths About Small Church Worship
(A Musicademy article)

The Good (and Bad) News About Small Church Worship Ministry
(A Musicademy article)

Forget Excellence

10 Ways the Senior Pastor Can Make This Sunday Remarkable

Fire Your Worship Committee

Taco Bell vs. Chipotle

Is Your Left Door Locked?


Confronting Your Current Reality (A Series)

RadioShack & Faith Infused Realism

Whining, Dreaming & Just Dealing With It

Getting Kicked in the Teeth



The Preferred Future (or, Why I Get Up at 5am) ( article)

Upper and Lowercase Vision