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After you sign up for a resource, you will receive follow-up emails to help you implement the resource and improve that area of ministry. So if you download all of the resources at once, you'll feel like Jon has taken over your email inbox.

We encourage you to tackle one resource at a time. And not just because of the follow-up emails. But because as leaders, when we're given too many options, we often don't do any of them. So start with the resource that addresses your most urgent need.

And just so you know, these tools aren't going anywhere. And if they do, Jon always keeps a copy (of everything—he's a digital hoarder) and will be happy to send you a one.

Five Barriers That Block Great Worship

What's holding back your worship services?

There are obstacles that keep you and your team from leading engaging worship, and can keep your congregation from experiencing worship.

This short video series and coaching emails will help you identify and overcome these barriers.


The 7-Checkpoints To a Healthy Master Song list

Want your church to sing more? There's a good chance one of the issues is your master song list.

Find out how healthy your song list is,
WHY IT MATTERS and HOW TO FIX IT with this 7 Checkpoints To A Healthy Master Song List.

Four Steps To A Better Practicing Team

Get your team to show up PREPARED for rehearsals and services. 

In this free, quick-to-read infographic you'll learn a step-by-step process to move your team from semi-committed to all-in. And you'll get some tactics that you can start implementing this week to get your team to practice more.



Ever play the correct chord, but it doesn't feel like the right one? Get this down-and-dirty guide for learning the shapes that are consistently the right chord in all the guitar-friendly keys.

Then you'll get guilt-free capo suggestions for those hand-cramping keys that piano players think are so wonderful. No more hand cramps.

And BONUS: 11 free lessons come to your inbox over the next few weeks. 

Apologies....This product is undergoing some tweaking. We'll make it available again soon.


Avoid awkward transitions in worship.

THE FIVE RULES OF FLOW gives you simple guidelines for making every worship service seamless.

Great segues help people focus on worshiping God instead of being distracted between service elements. Before you plan your next worship service, get THE FIVE RULES OF FLOW guide sheet.