All In - Preparation - An On-Demand Workshop

 Is your team "ALL IN" When it comes to practice? 
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Imagine a team with no more...

"No-shows" at rehearsals

Musicians who don't learn their music

Heads buried in music stands

Re-rehearsing songs during Sunday morning sound-check


If your team is All In...


Preparation will be a True Priority

Great preparation will be an ingrained in your team's culture. Personal practice will be an expected part of the commitment to the team. And rehearsals will be a priority on your team members' calendars.

They Will Practice Before Rehearsal

When preparation isn't important, team members will use rehearsals as their own personal practice time. You can lead your team to a place where preparing for rehearsal is every bit as important as preparing for the worship service. 

They Will Lead With Confidence

Because your team has prepared, they will have more confidence. And because they have more confidence, they will be able to worship more freely, and lead and engage the congregation more effectively.



You will learn a step-by-step process to make your team fully committed to intentional practice & effective rehearsals.

This is NOT about quick and easy answers. This is about changing the culture of your team. And that kind of transformation takes time and intentional leadership. You’re already a good leader. This workshop will simply give you the tools to get the job done more effectively in less time.

What's Included With This Workshop?


Workshop Training Video

The 90-minute workshop will teach you the in-depth, 9-step process to change the culture of preparation on your team.



Pre-Workshop Training Audio

Think of this audio training as a primer for getting more out of the main workshop. This downloadable audio training and guidebook (see below) is exclusive content from Session 2 of my flagship coaching course, The Exceptional Worship Team. Normally, you'd need to enroll in the course to get access to this training.




To help you implement the audio training, the guidebook helps you dig into and apply the training in your unique context.

This pre-workshop training will only take you about an hour, but it's time well-spent. These two resources hand-in-hand will set you up to get even more out of the main workshop event.


Downloadable Tools

Besides the pre-workshop training and the workshop video, you’ll also be given some really practical tools to help you move your team from slackers and semi-committed to all in.

Team Member Tips Sheet: How to Practice Effectively 

 A lot of musicians don’t prepare well not because slackers but because they lack the practice skills. This simple tip sheet is ready to email or print and distribute to your team members.

TEAM MEMBER TIPS SHEET: HOW TO Memorize Your Song For Sunday

It’s one thing to learn a song, but it’s something else to cross the line to mastery. This shareable document will give your team members the tips for memorizing their music so they can lead more effectively. 

Swipe Copy

These tools are copies of things I’ve created for my team that you can "steal" and use for your team. And they come as Word documents, so you can modify to for your unique ministry.

A Ready-Made Preparation Policy
During the pre-training material and in the main workshop, you’ll learn how important it is to have a document like this. And now you won’t have to create yours from scratch.

Team Member Self-Assessment

During the workshop, you’ll learn how your culture will not change without holding your team members to the specific preparation expectations. This downloadable and modifiable Self-Assessment is a tool that helps you keep them accountable WITHOUT being a heavy-handed dictator.



Post-Workshop Strategy Guide

A step-by-step strategy guide for implementing the training in your unique context.



Bonus Videos:


It's easy to say, "Show up to rehearsal with the song learned." But what does that really mean. This video will give your team a common language for what prepared looks like. It also comes with a graphic you share with your team.

10 Tips To Make the Most Of Rehearsals 

Once you get your team to practice before rehearsals, you'll want to make the most of your rehearsal time. This video will show you how to run killer rehearsals.



Coaching Emails

This training will give you tactics and tips that you can put into use NOW. But remember, this NOT a quick and easy process. We’re working at changing your culture and that takes time.
So to help you with that, I’ll be sending you some follow-up emails to offer some accountability, and encouragement, and even some more coaching on how to apply this stuff as you lead your team on this journey.

Your Investment

Priced individually, it would cost several hundred dollars to get this material outside of this online workshop event. But we want to keep this affordable for the average church. So the registration fee for this on-demand workshop is a one-time payment of $39. 
(one-time payment)
If you put these steps into place and don’t see improvement in the next six months, you can email me and I’ll refund your money.
Immediate Access
Once you get registered, you will have instant access to the online workshop, the pre-training materials and all the downloads. So as early as your next rehearsal, you can begin to implement these tools and tactics that will help your team be all-in.

Don't Stay Stuck For Another Year

As soon as you implement some of these tools and tips, you will see improvement. But remember, this is about changing the CULTURE of your team. That takes time and intentional leadership. This won't be easy, but it's better than staying stuck for another year with a semi-committed team.

Your team is ready for you to lead them to be ALL IN. And as they begin to value preparation more, they will also lead and engage your congregation more confidently in worship.

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