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Eight Words is one of the best Good Friday devotionals I have read. He doesn’t just rehash the same content in a new way, he comes at the why of Good Friday with a fresh and challenging perspective. It doesn’t take long to read, but it stays with you for days as you think about the implications of what he has written.

Chris Gambill




A Good Friday Meditation
Ever heard the same story about an event, but from different storytellers? It’s always a little, well, different.

That’s what we get with gospels of Matthew, Mark, Luke and John. While each book is ultimately about the story of God’s rescue mission of his people through Jesus Christ, each one weaves the story of Jesus in a little bit different way.

And when that story comes to those early hours on the day Jesus was to be crucified, one Gospel reveals something that the none of the other three Gospels contain: eight words...


For Personal Reflection or Corporate Worship

Eight Words was originally written as a "meditation" or "devotional" for a Good Friday service. It can be read in about 15 minutes, but don't let the brevity mislead you. It will cause you to think differently about Jesus' final hours.

Eight Words is great for a personal devotional reading, especially leading up to Good Friday and Easter. You can also use it in a small group, or as a way to prepare for Communion.

Suffice to say I’ve never read a contemplation about the cross that has been painted in the way this one has been. I was really taken aback at how simple and yet vivid, striking and hard-hitting it is. I really could picture this being read out by a talented storyteller to a small or large group and even before communion.

Claire Musters, Musicademy.com

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