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Worship Flow: 28 Ways To Create Great Segues


Worship Flow


Worship Flow: 28 Ways to Create Great Segues

This resource will help you take the bumps, stops and awkward transitions OUT of your worship. 

Jon gives detailed how-to instructions for segues and transitions for every part of your worship service.

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Worship Flow

worship flow

Worship Flow talks about how to segue in and out of just about every aspect of a worship service:

  • Starting the service
  • Moving seamlessly from song to song
  • Moving seamlessly from a song to a non-musical element
  • Using scripture, silence and prayer
  • Using videos
  • Transitioning into the message

Worship Flow also teaches:

  • How to talk between songs and worship elements
  • How to use segues to communicate vision and mission

Worship Flow also has a Bonus Section that includes:

  • Ready-Made Scripture Readings
  • Printable Segue Worksheet with Example Sheet