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enrollment session closed

The Exceptional Worship Team Coaching Course is opening up again SOON!


 Yep...this enrollment session is now closed. 

But it's Opening up soon!

If you'd like to be notified as the date gets closer, sign up below.

Q: "So...why did enrollment for this close?"

A: Good question.
Jon likes to connect with participants in the course.
Having enrollment sessions make sure it's a great experience for everyone.
(By the way, he does this with an exclusive Facebook group for members only.)

If you want to dig in deeper RIGHT NOW, here's a great resource to check out to help you lead your team more intentionally...  

What is The Blueprint Session

The Blueprint Session uses our proven, 3-part framework to help you lead beyond the urgent work of "Sunday after Sunday" and do the intentional work to grow an engaged team that helps create amazing worship gatherings for your church.


Ready to get started?

Let us tailor a plan to your unique needs in our affordable Blueprint Session. In this session, an experienced coach will help you...

1. Assess YOur barriers to growing an engaging team

2. Clarify Which ministry systems YOu need to develop or enhance

3. determine your most crucial leaders to develop


By the end of The Blueprint Session, you will have a clear picture of where your ministry needs to grow and develop.

To jumpstart you on that building process, we'll help you determine the most effective change that you can make in the next two weeks.

Yeah, THAT kind of jumpstart.

You'll know the action steps that you need to take, and we'll even help keep you accountable to accomplish that goal. 

In two weeks, you'll have taken a significant step to leveling-up your ministry.

It's a high-return, yet affordable investment in you and your team. Schedule a Blueprint Session today.


Interested in the Blueprint Session, but want to learn more

Learn more about the Eight Essential System Checklist.