Here at WorshipTeamCoach, "coaching" is our middle name. (Actually, it's our last name if you don't count the .com and the wrong verb tense. But you get the idea...) We LOVE to help teams, pastors, and leaders find and walk the path that will change their ministries.

No Guy With a Whistle
A lot of people think of a coach as a guy with a whistle telling you what to do (flashbacks to junior high basketball practice, anyone?) But we take a different approach to coaching here at 

Here's Jerimae Yoder, our Director of Coaching, to explain what true leadership coaching is:


The quality of a leader is reflected in the standards they set for themselves.
~Ray Kroc

What Is Leadership Coaching?

Change is hard. You know what I’m saying: from changing a tire, to changing a habit, to changing a diaper, it can stink. Literally.

We don’t naturally want to transform; it’s easier to stay where we are. Transformation takes you from predictable to unpredictable, and transformation has a tendency to hurt.

I once tried to transform a rusting, brush painted 1977 VW Bus into a something beautiful. It was hard. I sanded layer after layer of paint off this thing until it was splotchy and even more unsightly than if I would have just left it alone. Then, it happened, a nice bottom coat of primer grey. Still ugly, but a little more uniform.

Then came the first coat of new red paint, then another. And to finish it off, a nice top clear coat. Done. Wow! Beautiful! 

Getting Unstuck
That's what coaching does. It acts as a change agent to take you from stuck to moving, from blocked to thriving.

And I’m not talking just as a coach, but as a leader who has invested in coaching (and still does). I was stuck in an almost-dead second campus. I began a journey with my coach and saw clearly what God was doing in my heart and life. I’m now a full-time worship leader at a thriving multi-campus church. But before I could transition, I had to be transformed. Coaching helped me do that.

Leadership coaching centers on motivation and not just information. Why? Because motivation is how we get things done. It’s how God has wired us. Coaching helps take you to the heart of the matter. Once there, we set goals, action steps to get to those goals and help move the process along quickly by keeping you accountable.

Coaching helps you become the person you are made to be and so that you can do what you are made to do. Coaching works!


Our Coaching Options


leadership Coaching

One-on-one leadership coaching is the most focused and intentional way to level up your ministry and your leadership. 

A great way to begin exploring leadership coaching is through scheduling a Blueprint Session with one of our coaches.

But if you're ready to dive into leadership coaching, learn more about how to enroll in that.

The Blueprint Session

The Blueprint Session is our introduction into leadership coaching. But it's not "light". 

The Blueprint Session designed to help you drill down and focus one challenge area in your ministry and then set clear and measurable goals to overcome that challenge within a short amount of time.

Learn more about The Blueprint Session.  






Coaching Moves You Further, Faster



You, Only Better 

Leadership coaching (whether one-on-one or in a group) is a crucial component for you to grow an ENGAGE TEAM built on EFFECTIVE SYSTEMS and multiplied by EQUIPPED LEADERSHIP.

Your leadership is a multiplying factor for your team. When you grow, your team will grow and your systems will be even more effective. And you'll be more equipped to raise up other leaders.




What is The Blueprint Session

The Blueprint Session uses our proven, 3-part framework to help you lead beyond the urgent work of "Sunday after Sunday" and do the intentional work to grow an engaged team that helps create amazing worship gatherings for your church.


Ready to get started?

Let us tailor a plan to your unique needs in our affordable Blueprint Session. In this session, an experienced coach will help you...

1. Assess YOur barriers to growing an engaging team

2. Clarify Which ministry systems YOu need to develop or enhance

3. determine your most crucial leaders to develop


By the end of The Blueprint Session, you will have a clear picture of where your ministry needs to grow and develop.

To jumpstart you on that building process, we'll help you determine the most effective change that you can make in the next two weeks.

Yeah, THAT kind of jumpstart.

You'll know the action steps that you need to take, and we'll even help keep you accountable to accomplish that goal. 

In two weeks, you'll have taken a significant step to leveling-up your ministry.

It's a high-return, yet affordable investment in you and your team. Schedule a Blueprint Session today.


Interested in the Blueprint Session, but want to learn more

Learn more about the Eight Essential System Checklist.



This Style of Coaching Not What You're Looking For?

If you're just looking for help to navigate a specific situation, or you want some guidance with strategy development for growing your ministry, you might be more interested in consulting. Both coaching and consulting serve a unique role helping leaders. Learn more about the consulting we offer.