Leadership Coaching

a Good Leadership Coach will NOT...


...just give you advice and tell you what to do

A coach helps people learn and discover their own way. As you work with one of our coaches, they will help you develop your leadership and map out the path that you believe God is calling you to.

As an outsider, your coach can see blind spots and offer a fresh perspective. But they also don't forget that they are an outsider. God has called you to lead this. You know your people and your ministry the best.


...be the expert that fixes your problems

God has given you everything you need right now to grow and change your ministry. We're just here to help you discover what that is.


...sell you a "one-size-fits-all" approach to worship leadership and ministry

We believe every leader needs to use systems to run his or her organization. But your ministry is unique. Your team and your leaders are unique. There are leadership and organizational principles that apply universally, but the systems to support those principles will be different for each ministry. Your coach will help you find what works best for you. 


Leadership Coaching FAQ

As you read above, Leadership Coaching is different from what a lot of sites call "coaching." So we thought you might have some questions. Here are some answers to common questions we get.


How Many Months Should I Get Coaching?

What do we talk about in a coaching session?

How Much Does This Cost?

What if I hate it?

Is there a "sample" of leadership coaching I can try? 

 How often do I meet with a coach? 

When it comes to getting the most out of leadership coaching, we schedule twice monthly. Each meeting is one hour long.

Twice a month allows you to have time to work on the goals that you set. But it's not such a long time that you aren't motivated to be working on those goals. 

The twice monthly establishes a healthy rhythm of reflection and response and of assessment and action. Too much reflection and assessment, and you won't get won't hit your goals. Too much response and action, and you miss important opportunities to course correct your goals.

How Many Months Should I Get Coaching?

We recommend scheduling six months of leadership coaching (meeting twice a month). And you can continue to schedule beyond six months if you desire and your coach thinks it's beneficial for you.

We require a minimum commitment of three months. Why is that? To really dig in with a trained leadership coach, it takes a couple of months to establish rapport and achieve those rhythms of reflection and response and assessment and action.

Need quicker results?

Leadership Coaching is not the only way we help you get results. Sometimes you're just looking for help to navigate a specific situation, or you want some guidance with strategy development for growing your ministry.

If that's the case, you might be more interested in consulting. Both coaching and consulting serve unique, but different roles in helping you lead more effectively. Learn more about the consulting we offer.


What do we talk about in a coaching session?

Anything you want. You drive the agenda. The coach will ask you some open-ended, non-leading questions to help you clarify where you need to focus your work and energy. This will include both ministry and personal development. And when it comes to talking about personal and spiritual issues, it’s important for you to know that the coach won’t take you anywhere you don’t want to go. 

Out of those conversations, your coach will guide you to set some specific and measurable goals. At each following session, you’ll continue to talk about the progress towards those goals and set new ones when appropriate.

How Much Does This Cost?

Your investment for leadership coaching is $299 a month for six months. Each month you will have two coaching sessions. You have the option to pay monthly, or pay the full amount upfront—and you get a discount with this option. 

We also have three-month and "one-off" coaching options. Fill out this form to learn more.

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Schedule a Free Session

Not sure yet? Want to schedule a free 30-minute session to learn more? Complete this form and we'll get back to you, usually within 1 day.


What If I Hate It?

If, after the first meeting, you don't think coaching is right for you, we will refund the full amount you paid, minus non-refundable $75 fee.

After your first coaching session, you will be expected to continue with the coaching sessions you've committed to.

If your life or work circumstances change in a way that affect continuing with coaching, please discuss this with your coach and we will work with you.


Want A "Sample" Before You Invest in Leadership Coaching?

Investing in leadership coaching is a big step. We get that. So if you'd like to get a taste for leadership coaching without the three-month minimum commitment, schedule a Blueprint Session. It's a way to dip your toe in the water at an affordable price with no commitment or obligation to continue.

You can learn more below.

What is The Blueprint Session

The Blueprint Session uses our proven, 3-part framework to help you lead beyond the urgent work of "Sunday after Sunday" and do the intentional work to grow an engaged team that helps create amazing worship gatherings for your church.


Ready to get started?

Let us tailor a plan to your unique needs in our affordable Blueprint Session. In this session, an experienced coach will help you...

1. Assess YOur barriers to growing an engaging team

2. Clarify Which ministry systems YOu need to develop or enhance

3. determine your most crucial leaders to develop


By the end of The Blueprint Session, you will have a clear picture of where your ministry needs to grow and develop.

To jumpstart you on that building process, we'll help you determine the most effective change that you can make in the next two weeks.

Yeah, THAT kind of jumpstart.

You'll know the action steps that you need to take, and we'll even help keep you accountable to accomplish that goal. 

In two weeks, you'll have taken a significant step to leveling-up your ministry.

It's a high-return, yet affordable investment in you and your team. Schedule a Blueprint Session today.


Interested in the Blueprint Session, but want to learn more

Learn more about the Eight Essential System Checklist.