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Small Church Big Worship Coaching Group



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As A Small Church Worship Leader, You're Up Against Some Tough Challenges

You're here because you lead worship in a church with less than 200 people. That means you're up against some TOUGH challenges.

Jon Nicol, the founder of WorshipTeamCoach.com gets it. He spent several years working in smaller churches:

"My annual budget was barely enough to buy new guitar strings.

I also had very few worship team members, many of whom struggled musically. 

And on top of that, I had to try to encourage my small congregation to sing and engage in worship every Sunday. At times, it felt like they were as expressive as statues. Maybe less.

I get what you're experiencing."

For many of you, that's your story. And to make it tougher, you're a volunteer or part-time leader.


"Big Church Solutions?"

If you've been to worship conferences in the past, you can get some great instruction and inspiration, but it can also be disappointing. Most of the training and content at those events are geared towards larger churches with big budgets. 

That's why Jon started offering the SCBW Coaching group a few years ago. He's led in small church and knows the struggles and frustrations.

We've geared the SCBW coaching group to help you lead worship and grow a team within the context of a smaller church.

Plus, you get the bonus of learning and interacting with other members of the group. These other leaders get where you're at.


When you enroll in this coaching group...

Over the next 9 months, you'll engage in training and discussion that will help you... 

  • Get your team to practice

  • Find more musicians

  • Get your band to sound better

  • Encourage your church to sing more

  • Develop leaders

  • Get more done in less time

And, most importantly, you'll learn why small churches take a special kind of leadership, and you'll learn how God is already equipping you to for this.

This coaching group won't magically change your church or your worship team. But it will give you the tools to transform it, with some time and hard work. And here's the thing, you already work hard. This coaching course will help focus your work to be more effective.

What does the Coaching Group look like?


Training Workshop

Each month, there's a training workshop to prepare for the coaching call. The workshop is on-demand and available 24/7 about three weeks before your coaching call.

Now, you're busy, so we don't to tie you up with tons of content to work through. The pre-coaching call work will take you 1 - 2 hours each month. That will mainly consist of a video training. But occasionally there will be some supplemental articles or short ebooks to read.

There will also be a workbook to go along with each module. The workbook will help you get ready for the discussion during the coaching call. AND you can use that workbook to continue to implement these strategies and tools long after the Coaching Group is over.


Group Coaching Call

Each month, you, your coach, and your cohort connect for about 90 minutes on a group coaching call. This isn't like some tele-coaching groups where there's 20 to 30 people on the line and some dude just talks at you.

We keep these groups limited to 8 or less. So you get to talk about your specific challenges with your team at your church. And you don't just hear from your coach, but you get the collective experience of people in the group.

So you get to talk about your specific challenges with your team at your church. And you don't just hear from your coach, but you get the collective experience of people in the group.

And you know what? That's actually many participants' favorite thing: the interaction with the other leaders. You get to talk with other leaders who get what you're going through.



Let's Breakdown Each Month


Session 1: Understanding Small Church Worship Ministry 
Worship ministry is different in a small church. You'll learn why that is and how to use it to your advantage.


Session 2: Grow a Healthy Team
You'll learn seven ways that your team needs to engage in order to build a healthy worship ministry. 


Session 3: Implement Effective Systems
Systems help you have more time and lock in the right values for your team. You'll learn what effective systems look like and how to implement them. 


Session 4: Develop Equipped Leaders
You'll learn your strongest leadership roles and how to develop a team of leaders around you. 


Session 5: How To Get More And Better Musicians
You'll learn a process for attracting, qualifying and developing new musicians.


Session 6: Make Practice and Rehearsal a Priority
You'll learn how to lead your team to a new culture that values preparation. 


Session 7: Lead Your Church Towards Life-Change
You'll learn how to plan and effectively lead an intentional journey of worship. 


Session 8: Schedule Your Way To Transformation
You'll learn why scheduling music and people are two of the most important systems you have. Do these right and you can help transform your whole church.


Session 9: Create a Killer Small Band Sound
Learn how to arrange songs for any size band and how to musically lead them to great sound.

What Past Participants Have To Say...

Solving Challenges
"I participated in Jon's Small Church/Big Worship Coaching Group during Fall 2012. It was encouraging to be able to share and hear others' leading experiences. Jon's coaching helped solve some specific challenges my church faced, and that I faced as a leader. It is constantly a work in progress, but I can see improvement as a direct result of the group." 
Nick Mathis

Dealing With Issues
I found the Small Church/Big Worship Coaching Group incredibly helpful! I had served on a worship team for several years, but when faced with the prospect of stepping up into leading worship, I had no training and felt more than a bit overwhelmed. This coaching group was helpful with every issue I was dealing with: administration, organization, how to select worship songs, transitions between songs, etc.. You name it and this course covered it.

~ Liesl Higgins

Connection With Other Leaders Who Get It
The training we received was great, and I think the support that we were able to give each other was even better! Being in a smaller church is a blessing; however, it comes with its own set of challenges. What I found the most helpful about this group was having someone else hear my struggle and say, "Yes, me too!"
David Unrau



Your investment into this coaching is only $333 total. Or you choose the payment plan for only $37 a month for 9 months.

By the way, there's no penalty for making payments. It's the same price.

That covers all the all the training content and resources and the live coaching. 

If we were to package all this training up for medium and larger sized churches, we would easily charge $80-90 a month just for the training. Add coaching to that and we'd be closer to $120 a month. 

But again, this about being affordable for smaller churches. And we know that many small churches can't come up with the total amount all at once. So that's why we offer this payment plan at no extra charge.

The price for this course could allow you to buy a ticket for you and one of your team members to attend one of the big national worship conferences. But then you have to figure, meals, travel, and lodging.

And those are great experiences to invest in. You learn some great stuff. But you will also walk away frustrated because their audience is Big Church. They don't get smaller churches.

Ready to apply? 


What if I hate it?

If you're like most people, you look at this and wonder, "What if I hate it? What if they're full of it? What if it doesn't fit what I need?"

Here's our promise to you: In the first 30 days of the course starting, if you find that you hate it, or it's a bad fit, or life goes sideways on you, I'll give you all your money back.

30 days gives you enough time to get through a training workshop and one coaching group. You'll have a solid sense if it's a good fit.

And if for some reason, after the first 30 days, you need out (like unforeseen life/job changes), I'll make sure you get a pro-rated refund for the unfinished course. 

We want this to be a blessing—not a burdento your church and your Worship ministry. 

My board (or finance committee) might say no...

There's a very real chance that your senior pastor, board, or finance committee might say no. Most of the time, these are well-intentioned people doing their best to steward the finances of the church. So you need to show them that this is a great investment.

To help you do that, we've put together a "cheat sheet" (i.e. the work's already been done for you...nothing underhanded here...). You can use this document "as is", or you can modify to tweak your situation.

Download the "Convince My Board Cheat Sheet"
(Note: it is a zip file that contains both a PDF and docx version of the document.) 

Respond Soon...


The Coaching Group space is uber-limited. As soon as we get eight people registered, we close the group. And we only open new groups a few times a year.

We want to make your experience amazing, and we can only do that by keeping these groups small and intimate.




...Or Do Nothing

One of your options is to do nothing. Or, not really nothing. You could watch some free webinars and download some free training material and make some good tweaks to your ministry. 

But if you're ready to get your team unstuck?if you're ready to level up your leadership, and if you're ready to make a lasting difference not only in your team but in your whole church, then this training is going to help you do that. 

Apply For The Coaching Group Now

Below is a button to a brief application. We use the application to determine if this is right for you. No payment is required until AFTER you're approved.

And, YES, we have disqualified people. Here are some reasons we’d disqualify you:

1. If you’re NOT the leader of your ministry. 
For this experience to be effective, you need to have the authority to make changes and lead your team.

2. If your church is too big.
Another reason why we would disqualify you is if you were serving in a church of more than 200 weekly average attendance. We’ve had leaders of medium and larger churches want to get into these coaching groups because they recognize that they could grow their ministry with these concepts—and it’s a killer price. But we’re not letting bigger churches in. We're keeping the focus on you and your church size.


Are you a fit? Apply Now

After you fill out the application, the approval process takes a day or two. Once you've been approved for the group, you'll receive an email giving you instructions on how to pay. And during any of this process, you can contact help@worshipteamcoach.com to ask any questions.

The enrollment deadline for this upcoming cohort is October 17:


WHAT ARE THE DATES FOR THE coaching Calls of The Upcoming Group? 


This next cohort's coaching calls will be on the 4th Tuesdays beginning in October:

  • Tuesday, October 25, 2016 @ 8pm CDT
  • Tuesday, November 29, 2016 @ 8pm CST*
  • No Coaching Call In December
  • Tuesday, January 24, 2017 @ 8pm CST
  • Tuesday, February 28, 2017 @ 8pm CST 
  • Tuesday, March 28, 2017 @ 8pm CDT
  • Tuesday, April 25, 2017 @ 8pm CDT
  • Tuesday, May 23, 2017 @ 8pm CDT
  • Tuesday, June 27, 2017 @ 8pm CDT
  • Tuesday, July 25, 2017 @ 8pm CDT

*Because of Thanksgiving (US), this session is moved a week later.
ll dates subject to change. Group members will be notified and consulted (when possible) before changes are made to the coaching call schedule.