Workshops and Seminars

Level up Your Team with A Training Event

Training workshops and seminars are the next steps beyond books and free webinars. These are a small investment of money and time but pay big returns. We dive deeply into one specific subject to help you grow and change your team through it. Our workshops and seminars come in three different formats:

Live In-Person Events

Live in-person events tend to have the highest impact. Besides the personal interaction, live events get people out of their typical setting and let's them focus on the experience.

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Live Online events

Live online events are great for getting the training you need at a budget. hosts some online training events that go beyond our free webinars. To find out if any are happening soon, click here to go to Events. 

Want to Host An Online Training Event?
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On-Demand Events

Live is great for the experience. But sometimes you just need the training content. And that's why we offer some of our trainings "on-demand." These are pre-recorded training events that you can get access to immediately. They are all listed on our Products page.

We'll be continually adding more titles to this. And if you don't see the topic you want, please suggest it.

Book Jon For Your Event

Jon is available for seminars, workshops, retreats, keynotes, or breakout sessions for the next event you're planning. His engaging, down-to-earth, and fun style will connect with your audience. Click here to learn more.


Save Money: Host An Online Training

Live events are exactly what your team needs sometimes, but they can also blow up your budget if you’re not careful. To stretch your training budget further, consider booking Jon or one of the other coaches for a live, online training for your team.  

You’ll have the power of a shared experience, but without all the extra expenses for travel, accommodations, etc. And the fee for the coach/trainer is less since they aren’t leaving their family for a weekend. 

Click on the button below to learn more about the topics and titles that Jon can teach. And if you don’t see your topic there, let us know. Jon will be happy to discuss customizing a training event for your team.



Make the Most of Your Training Event

Whether you're booking a live or online training event with Jon, you want to make sure you get the most out of it for you and your team. We suggest that you make the a Blueprint Session part of your preparation towards hosting this event.

The Blueprint Session will help you get clarity about what your ministry absolutely needs right now. And, hey, maybe it's not even a live training event. You want to make sure you're stewarding your church's resources. The Blueprint Session can give you clarity about what you should be spending your budget on.

Learn more below about The Blueprint Session.

What is The Blueprint Session

The Blueprint Session uses our proven, 3-part framework to help you lead beyond the urgent work of "Sunday after Sunday" and do the intentional work to grow an engaged team that helps create amazing worship gatherings for your church.


Ready to get started?

Let us tailor a plan to your unique needs in our affordable Blueprint Session. In this session, an experienced coach will help you...

1. Assess YOur barriers to growing an engaging team

2. Clarify Which ministry systems YOu need to develop or enhance

3. determine your most crucial leaders to develop


By the end of The Blueprint Session, you will have a clear picture of where your ministry needs to grow and develop.

To jumpstart you on that building process, we'll help you determine the most effective change that you can make in the next two weeks.

Yeah, THAT kind of jumpstart.

You'll know the action steps that you need to take, and we'll even help keep you accountable to accomplish that goal. 

In two weeks, you'll have taken a significant step to leveling-up your ministry.

It's a high-return, yet affordable investment in you and your team. Schedule a Blueprint Session today.


Interested in the Blueprint Session, but want to learn more

Learn more about the Eight Essential System Checklist.