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Worship Planning Workshop

Activity, But No Progress

Ever feel like this is your worship service?

You sing some songs. You hear a message. Someone prays and some announcements are made. There’s activity, but no real destination. People might even enjoy it.

But does it go anywhere?


Participation, But No Transformation

Or maybe you plan a good worship service, but your congregation is less than engaged. Sure, there are some people sing out and express in worship. But most of the others who participate seem less than excited.

It's like they’re just singing mouthing the words on the screen. And any call for them to respond is met with indifference. People may say, "Good service," or "Nice worship today," on the way out.

But has there been any transformation?

What if you could plan a journey of worship that leads people towards transformation and true life-change?

Secret Formula? 

If I told you there was a secret formula to create life-changing worship services, I honestly hope you would click off this page in a hot second. 

There are no secret formulas or magic bullets for planning impactful set lists and services. But there is a specific passage of scripture that give us some great insight on a planning journey of worship that will lead people towards transformation.

Now, will your Sunday setlist change people’s lives?


Our songs and music don’t change people’s lives. But we can intentionally plan our set lists and our services to help people journey towards the One who can and will transform their lives.

And that’s what you’ll learn at this on-demand, online workshop:

On-Demand Workshop:
Planning Worship That Leads To Life-Change

How To Engage Your Congregation In a Journey of Worship

During this on-demand workshop, we’ll dive into this passage of scripture to learn more about what it takes to plan effective worship. And it won’t just be theory that you’ll learn. You’ll also discover a bunch of practical ways to make your worship services more impactful.

You’ll walk away from this training with tools to plan not only a great set worship set, but also your entire service. But more importantly, you be able to build your services from a biblically-inspired progression of worship.


What You'll Take Away From This Event  
  • You’ll learn a biblical example of a progression of worship that you can apply in most any style of worship.
  • You’ll learn why planning doesn’t push out the Holy Spirit.
  • You’ll learn why your role as a worship service designer/planner is every bit as important as your role as the worship leader.
  • You’ll learn what the ultimate goal of your worship service is.
  • You’ll learn how to create meaningful worship sets, even if the rest of the worship service isn’t under your control.
  • You’ll learn ways to help people to worship beyond just singing.
  • You’ll learn why your order of service isn’t as confining as you think.
  • You’ll learn how to connect different elements of worship to make the service flow intentionally. (And you’ll learn why that’s important.)
  • You’ll learn how to plan and lead people towards intentional moments where they can respond to what God’s doing in their lives.
  • You’ll learn how to be purposeful in the songs you choose, and how to construct a worship set.
  • You’ll learn how song keys, dynamics, tempo and themes all fit together in your planning.
  • You’ll learn how to create meaningful worship services week-after-week, without feeling the pressure to create “the best worship service EVER.”


Register for the on demand workshop now:

When you register for this On-Demand Workshop, here’s what you’ll get

Unlimited Access To The Online Workshop

You'll get lifetime, unlimited access to the workshop material (and all future updates/upgrades). The content is accessible via membership site, so you'll have log-in credentials that will allow you to access it any time you want.


The Guidebook

The Workshop Guidebook contains a quick overview of the entire training content, which makes it a handy reference guide after the event. And if you roll "old skool", you can print out this guide to take notes on it while you watch.

The Guidebook also serves as an implementation tool. It contains questions to help guide you through the process of putting this training into practice. 



Not only do you get the training and the guidebook, but you also get several bonus tools to help you make the most of this event. You get the a full-length book, Worship Flow. You also get a short, but actionable idea-packed resource, 7 Ideas To Get Your Church To Sing More. And you'll also get five ready-made-for-you mini-teachings to encourage your congregation to sing more.


Here's a little more about each bonus:    


Worship Flow

You'll receive the digital copy of the book, Worship Flow: 28 Ways To Create Great Segues. In fact, you'll get this book the moment you sign-up for the Workshop, so you can get a jump on creating great worship services.


Resource: 7 Ideas To Your Church To Sing More

This is a short resource that packs seven practical ways to encourage singing and expression in your church. And it's a quick enough read that if you shared it with your senior pastor, and he might even read it.


5 Mini-Lessons to Encourage Your Church To Sing More

During the workshop and in the "7 Ways" resource, we'll talk about the power of short teaching moments during worship. You'll get five, ready-made teachings that you can use during your worship services to encourage your church to sing more.


Sharing Rights to the Content

You are welcome, and encouraged, to share this workshop and any of the content within your local church. That means you can use it to train your team members and other leaders. You can also share it with your senior pastor, so you're both on the same page when it comes to worship service planning.


Listen-on-the-go Audio Version

Life is busy. Sometimes the only way to consume content is on-the-go. Whether you're commuting, mowing the lawn, setting up the stage, or washing the dishes, you can listen to the whole workshop while you get other stuff done. 

Your Investment

This is the same content I teach inside my flagship coaching course, The Exceptional Worship Team

Regular Price: $79

Special Price: $34

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What if I hate it?

If you find that this workshop and all the training material isn’t worth what you paid, I’ll refund your full registration fee. And you’re welcome to keep the bonuses.  


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