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The EQUIPPED Workshop

How to Lead, Teach, and Unleash a Healthy Worship Team 


To help you intentionally level-up your worship team, we’ve created a three-part, ministry-jumpstart workshop called Equipped: How To Lead, Teach, & Unleash a Healthy Worship Team.

The EQUIPPED Workshop will give you a process to...

  • Develop engaging team members...
  • Grow strong leaders...
  • And build a healthy team culture.

What You Get...

3 In-Depth Modules / Bite-Sized Video Lessons

The Implementation Guidebook

Team Member Assessments

Coaching Emails

The EQUIPPED Workshop will help you...

Get a Clear Picture...

... where your team is at, and where they need to go.

Grow Your Ministry...

...for the long-term, and still have time to prepare for 'this Sunday.'

Discover the Process... build a team of leaders, mentors, and role models, step-by-step.

Implement the Plan...

...with a practical guidebook and insightful assessments.

Go Further, Faster...

...with accelerated training—complete the workshop in less than ninety minutes.

This premium-level video workshop is a jumpstart to build your ministry. You can get full access to it for only $7!

Purchase The Workshop Today. Only $7.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How good can a $7 course really be?

Pretty stinking good. This course contains over two hours of NO FLUFF content.  Plus, you get multiple guidebooks, assessments, case studies, and 'cheatsheets' to help you implement this ministry-changing content.

So why ONLY $7??

This training is the FOUNDATIONAL for how we help worship leaders...

  • equip stronger teams,
  • grow leaders,
  • lead more engaging worship,

...and build the kind of worship ministry they love to lead.

How long will the EQUIPPED Course take me?

There are three in-depth modules that have bite-size video lessons (between 4 and 7 minutes each). You can finish in under two hours.

Imagine, $7 and less than 2 hours to know how to equip your worship team to grow musically, spiritually, and relationally.

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