Quick-Start Leader Training

Take your team from STUCK to LEVELED-UP with this video.


This video and workbook will help you see what engagement level each of your team members are at right now.

Then, you'll learn what the "next-level" looks like for each of them—no matter what level they're at currently.

Follow the three steps below...

Step 1:
Watch the Video.

Step 2:
Download the Workbook.

Levels of Engagement Workbook

This workbook is the rocket fueof this training. The video gives you the information, but the workbook helps you look at EVERY team member and know where they are, and where they need to go.

To get the most out of this training, follow these steps:

1. Download the Workbook

2. Take two minutes to scan it.

3. Schedule a time to work through it.

Block a 30- to 60-minute appointment with yourself (or with your leaders) within the next week—but no later—to work through this guide.

It will give you a crystal clear picture of where each of your team members are at, and what their next step is.

Step 3:
Get the FULL Training.

(For Only $7)

If you found this video and workbook helpful, imagine what the whole training could give you.

In the seven 'Stuck to Leveled-UP' training, you only experienced a small percentage of just ONE of the high quality videos that's available in the EQUIPPED Workshop.

For only $7, you can get full access to all three video trainings, plus additional workbooks and assessments to help you put this training into action.

Learn More



Part 1: How To Escape the Exhausted Cycle


Part 2: The Seven Critical Commitments of an Engaged Team Member


Part 3: The Five Vital Elements of An Equipping Process

The EQUIPPED Workshop

How to Lead, Teach, and Unleash a Healthy Worship Team 


To help you intentionally level-up your worship team, we’ve created a three-part, ministry-jumpstart workshop called Equipped: How To Lead, Teach, & Unleash a Healthy Worship Team.

The EQUIPPED Workshop will give you a process to...

  • Develop engaging team members...
  • Grow strong leaders...
  • And build a healthy team culture.

What You Get...

3 In-Depth Modules / Bite-Sized Video Lessons

The Implementation Guidebook

Team Member Assessments

Coaching Emails

The EQUIPPED Workshop will help you...

Get a Clear Picture...

... where your team is at, and where they need to go.

Grow Your Ministry...

...for the long-term, and still have time to prepare for 'this Sunday.'

Discover the Process...

...to build a team of leaders, mentors, and role models, step-by-step.

Implement the Plan...

...with a practical guidebook and insightful assessments.

Go Further, Faster...

...with accelerated training—complete the workshop in less than ninety minutes.

This premium-level video workshop is a jumpstart to build your ministry. You can get full access to it for only $7!

Purchase The Workshop Today. Only $7.

Click the button to purchase the full workshop with a one-time only payment of $7.

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