Are Any of These Subtle Stumbling Blocks Holding Back Your Team?

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The Seven Subtle Stumbling Blocks To A Healthy Worship Team

This Resource Pack can help your team wherever they're at...

  • Boost the Solid Team to the Next Level

    If you've got a solid team already, you'll want to focus on the 'subtle' factor with all these stumbling blocks. These stumbling blocks can creep in and erode your team's health. This resource pack will help you keep your team moving in the right direction.

  • Jumpstart the Stuck or Stagnant Team

    Maybe your team is doing OK, but they aren't making the forward progress that you'd hope for. Use this Stumbling Block Resource Pack to identify the real issues and start growing again.

  • Tackle Toxic Attitudes & Uncommitted Behavior

    If your team has some obvious dysfunction, this Stumbling Block Resource Pack can help you identify and overcome the deeper issues beneath the 'dumpster fire' of toxic attitudes and unhealthy behavior.  

Here's What You Get

  • The Seven Subtle Stumbling Blocks Team Sheet

    The Seven Subtle Stumbling Blocks Team Sheet is a quick-and-easy tool to identify what the stumbling blocks are and how they hold back your team.  

  • The Seven Critical Commitments Team Sheet

    The Seven Critical Commitments of a Healthy Worship Team are the crucial engagement areas for team members. When your team members are fully committed in these seven areas, you can't help but have a healthy worship ministry.  

  • Team Discussion Guide

    These Team Member Sheets are best used as a catalyst for critical conversations. You'll get ready-to-ask questions to get your team talking about where they need to grow or deepen their commitment.

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