The UAPC Booster Pack

Go Further, Faster During This Challenge and BEYOND!

Get the Work Done Faster...

The UAPC Customizable Planning Documents


Access to customizable and ready-to-write planning sheets!

Create your plan digitally for easy editing, saving, and sharing.

An expanded UAPC Workbook with exclusive planning and goal-setting guides

Get the Customizable Planning Guide with ready-to-write planning sheets and an expanded workbook. This is NOT in the free planning guide. If you like to be able to create your plan digitally, without printing PDFs, you'll want this Booster Pack.

A $49 Time-Saving Value

Lead Better In Less Time

Leadership & Productivity Boost Bundle

How to Leverage Ministry Systems for Culture Transformation

Embrace the 'E4 Effect' for Healthy Leadership & Team Growth

Free Up 2 - 3 Hours a Week With Seven Practical Hacks

These three bonus training videos give you an extra boost of critical concepts you need to know — transforming your culture, leading Biblically, easy-to-implement productivity.

Three $39 Courses ($117 Total) That Are Worth $1000s in Time-Saving Value

Learn Fail-Proof Delegation

System Mastery Workshop

Booster Pack Slides.012
Learn this 7-step proprietary delegate any single task or ministry area. 

Walk through a step-by-step process make your ministry structures more efficient.

Learn how to get more done in less time even if you can't delegate a task.

Don't let the boring name fool you. The System Mastery Workshop will help you, step-by-step, to successfully delegate tasks, and even entire ministry areas to others.

A $79 Course that will save you $1000s in time and focus.


One-Year, Full Access to Every UAPC Session!


The step-by-step training to build a vision-driven 12-month ministry plan.

Searchable videos! Don't waste time scanning hours of content to find what you need. 

Revisit the training as you implement each part of your plan — especially when you need to course-correct.

Not only will you want to revisit these lessons later, but much of the planning work we do will be helpful later as you're starting to actually live out your plan.

You'll still have access to each daily session during the Challenge, but once it ends, you won't be able to watch those trainings again.

If you don't invest in the booster pack, you won't have access to the replays after the Challenge ends. 

These replays alone are worth way more than the cost of this Booster Pack.

Each daily session could easily be a $29 workshop ($203 total)!

Get This Entire Booster Pack For Only...

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