You can transform your team from a collection of individuals into a cohesive worship band! Here's how...

This step-by-step system will show you how to take your musicians from semi-reliable volunteers to prepared and motivated worshipers (and give you the tools you need to lead them well).

Introducing the Worship Band Training Bundle.


A Worship Team That Makes Every Sunday Exceptional

Planning and leading an exceptional Sunday every week is way tougher than your team, your senior pastor, or congregation realizes it.

So much depends on the skill and preparation of volunteer musicians.

And if you’re like a lot of other worship leaders, you probably struggle with at least a few of these challenges:

  • Unprepared volunteers dragging down rehearsals
  • A congregation that doesn’t seem to want to sing
  • Prima donna musicians focused solely on their parts
  • A tech team that feels isolated from the band
  • The never-ending grind of planning weekly setlists
  • Never being able to totally fill out your band
  • Constant awkward moments in the service where you don’t know what to do or say
  • The comparison trap of looking at other churches that seem to have it all together

You’re not alone, and it’s not your fault.

There’s a lot more to creating an exceptional Sunday week after week than most people realize, because so much of it takes place behind the scenes.

But that’s exactly why you need a system.

A System to Develop "Team Musicianship"

Most worship leaders know they need a system for creating their monthly scheduling or auditioning new team members.

But you also need a system to develop musicians who sound great, Sunday after Sunday, no matter who’s on the schedule.

Unfortunately, worship leaders think they’re stuck with what they’ve got, so they don’t think any system or approach will help.

Too many worship leaders think the problem is one or more of these issues:

  • They need new & better worship team members.
    But what if you had a better way to develop the ones you have?
  • Their sound tech just needs to mix better.
    But what if your band and vocalists are making it really hard to create a good mix because of a cluttered arrangement? (And what if your tech could speak “band” so she could tell the instrumentalists and vocalists what’s needed?)
  • They think their band is too small to create a good sound.
    But what if you could make your songs sound full AND like the arrangement — no matter how few band members you have?
  • They think their congregation doesn’t want to worship.
    But what if the music and flow is making it confusing or hard to sing along with – and there were some simple things you and your band could do to lead worship people on an intentional journey of worship?

I’m here to tell you that all of those things (and more) are possible, and you can achieve them in your church…

Introducing the Worship Band 101

Worship Band 101

Worship Band 101 is a simple system created to help you get the most out of your current worship team.

It is a streamlined approach to better arrangements, smoother rehearsals, skillful musicianship, and more engaging worship services.

I brought together a group of professional musicians from Nashville – who also serve in their local churches. They share their personal approaches to playing in a worship band, so you can help your team do the same.

This all happens in 3.5 hours of practical and easy-to-implement training for you and your worship band. 

Here are a few things that are covered:

  • How to "own" your musical space while still playing as part of a band.
  • Why the conversational approach to worship makes the experience better for everyone.
  • The “100% rule” for great arrangements and how to apply it.
  • A professional vocalist's secret to singing with conviction.
  • How to expertly frame important moments in a song.
  • Simple methods for leading the congregation on a worship journey they won’t forget.
  • 6 easy ways to seamlessly transition between songs.
  • How to create HUGE sounding arrangements with a small team.
  • The key to running professional, productive rehearsals.
  • Pro musicians’ tips for leveling up preparation.
  • The one thing you must do to your chord charts.
  • Two essential elements that create a bulletproof relationship with your tech team.

... and even more than this!

Why are worship musicians OK with just being OK?

One big reason – the leaders are too busy with the demands of Sunday. They don’t have time to train their team members and push them to that next level.

As a result, worship teams keep doing what they always do and keep getting what they always get.

Which is, mediocre results.

This course will give your band a 'ready-to-go' training process that they can watch together, or on their own.

And, you can build these principles into your culture by requiring every new team member to work through it as part of their orientation.


Next Level of Exceptional Musicianship

Screen Shot 2019-05-23 at 7.44.11 PM
Screen Shot 2019-05-23 at 7.48.12 PM
Screen Shot 2019-05-23 at 7.43.48 PM

I could go on and on about this course. But by now, you already know if this is something you need, or not.

If you’ve got your Sundays dialed in...

  • your congregation is totally engaged,
  • you have all the musicians you need every week for massive arrangements,
  • and your band gels like they’re basically one person...

...that's fantastic!

You've done great work!

But if any of those areas could use some improvement, this course will get you there.

Here's how...

Let your band see & hear how it's done...

The Worship Band 101 Classes

You get almost 4 hours of ready-made, practical instruction (in bite-size pieces) to train your team.

Here are the six classes... 

Class 1: Own Your Space (But Play Nice With Others)

Learn how to create a tight sound by knowing your place, practicing your part, and leaving room for others in the band.

Class 2: Create a Killer Musical Journey

Learn how to create a dynamic, musical journey in different styles and tempos.

Class 3: Crush the Critical Moments

Learn how to create critical moments with intentional intros, endings, and transitions.

Class 4: Small Band/Big Worship

The band arranges two songs with just piano, acoustic guitar and percussion to show you how to make a big sound from just a few instruments.

Class 5: Prepare Like a Pro

Learn and apply the preparation mindset and habits of professional musicians.

Class 6: One Team: Deepen The Musician & Tech Relationship

Discover ways to strengthen the critical relationship between the production techs and the platform team.

Even More??

To make this an even easier decision for you, I've also add a bonus training.

This course will strategically teach your team these concepts quicker, so they can improve to the next level of exceptional.

Introducing Arranging Essentials

AE book icon copy

Arranging Essentials for the Worship Musician is a deep dive into team musicianship. You’ll learn some critical concepts like:

  • How to avoid a massive “blob” of sound with your team.
  • The best ways to keep instruments from clashing with each other.
  • How to teach your team to self-arrange and make the right decisions on their instruments or vocal parts.

This isn't Bach's counterpoint or the musical equivalent of brain surgery. In this course, your team will learn easy-to-apply concepts and tools that will help them create a killer arrangement of any song, no matter what size your band.

  • Arrangement Hack: Your team will learn the skills to "arrangement hack"-that is, to create a great sounding arrangement similar to recording, without the pressure to duplicate it perfectly.

  • Tight & Together: Your team will play tighter and more together because they've learned how to self-arrange, how to complement each other, and really listen to each other.

  • Better Mix: Get your sound techs and musicians on the same page so the tech knows how to mix the arrangement, and the band gives the tech something worth mixing.

  • Create YOUR Sound: Make song arrangements your own. You'll learn how to arrange in a way that musically fits your team, your church, and the culture in which you're serving.

  • Less Ego/More Teamwork: Create collaboration & healthy musical dialog among your team members. This course will help them understand musical teamwork like never before.

  • Train New Leaders: This class is a ready-made resource to train up new musical directors and band leaders.

This workshop is DONE-FOR-YOU, ready-made training. It contains seven on-demand video sessions, discussion guide, leader's implementation guide, slide graphics, and team member handouts.

Double Your Investment

Worship Band 101 is a $297 course. But we've sold it for a discounted price of $149 in past promotions.

And Arranging Essentials sells for $49 on its own.  

But this week, you can get BOTH these courses for only $97.

If all you got for < $100 was Arranging Essentials, the value of easily teaching your team these concepts is worth ten times that.

But you also get a full band demonstration of all those concepts, plus insight and instruction.

So what do you think?

Is it worth a small investment of time and money to be able to completely transform your worship ministry with this team musicianship development system?

The common default option too many worship leaders choose is to just keep searching YouTube videos and Facebook groups hoping to find the answers they need.

Don't be like most leaders. Your time (and church's Sunday excellence) are worth way more than $97.

This bundle gives you real solutions for your team — and a clear path to implement them — at a price that makes sense for most worship teams.*

* We even have an easy payment plan if your budget is tight!

Buy the Worship Band Bundle TODAY!


Get $350 worth of content for a one-time payment of $97.

OR, get started today for only $15!

If your budget is tight, you can use our easy payment plan to spread out the cost.

That means you can start training your team with this bundle for only $15.*

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*Your monthly payments will also only be $15 after that for 11 months.

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30-Day Full Refund Policy

A Full 365-Day Refund Promise

Dear Worship Leader,

I usually offer 30-day money back to make sure it's a fantastic fit for your worship ministry.

But let me remove any risk for you. Here's my promise...

If you invest the time to train your team in Worship Band 101 and Arranging Essentials and DON'T see your team getting better within the first 90 days...

I will set you up with a coaching session at NO charge to help you figure out how to implement this training with your team.

And, if you still don't see any changes, I'll give you your money back — even up to a year later!

That's how much I believe this can change your team!

Jon Nicol

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