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Your Perfect Rehearsal Blueprint

How to nail 4 songs in 60 minutes every week, without running long rehearsals or making unrealistic practice demands on your team – even if you have average musicians, chaotic rehearsals, and no one shows up on time right now.

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Your Perfect Rehearsal Blueprint...

In this 90-minute workshop, we’ll design YOUR perfect rehearsal, and show you how to make it a reality. 


By doing the right things at the right times:  


We’ll give you the 3 critical pre-rehearsal elements you have to implement before every rehearsal to make it a success.


You’ll learn how to map a rehearsal, determine where and how to focus your limited time, and then wrap with a killer R.E.A.L.™ runthrough that will set your team up for Sunday success.  


You won’t do #1 and #2 very well without making long-term changes. You need to…

  • Plan at a sustainable pace – or you’ll burn out.
  • Rotate songs at a sustainable pace – or your team will burn out.
  • Transform the team’s culture and mindset around preparation. 

We’ll show how to do all this at the upcoming workshop.

The Details

Hosted by: Matt Miller, Head Coach & Director of Operations,

Taught by: Jon Nicol, Founder of, author of Exceptional Every Sunday

Time: Tuesday, Feb 21, 2023 at 8:30pm EST. 

Location: Zoom

Cost: $0 - but live attendance is required. No replay.

Register Now and You’ll Get:

  • Your spot reserved for this 90-minute intensive.
  • A Team Prep Assessment (15 mins) - a 1:1 conversational assessment with Matt to start to determine where the sticking points are with your rehearsals, worship team, and Sunday prep processes, so you can go further in the workshop.
  • Workbook & Training Materials - you’ll get instant access to these as soon as you register.

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Why no replay??

We’re not offering replay because this is a highly interactive and participatory event. There’s valuable content, but the real juice is in you showing up and doing the work. 

  • Register for the workshop...
  • Block that time slot on your calendar...
  • And let's build your perfect rehearsal!

Talk soon!

Jon Nicol


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