Build a Leadership Team

Growing a Team of Leaders

You’re a good leader. But for your worship ministry to thrive, you have to grow your team BEYOND YOU. You need to strategically and intentionally build a team of leaders.

Unfortunately, leadership development is another area of worship ministry that gets neglected because of the urgency of Sunday.

You need three things to grow a leadership team:

  • a proccess to develop and deploy leaders.

  • content to train new and growing leaders.

  • and time to mentor and pour into them.

We have two fantastic resources that will help you. When you use them together, you will:

  • Get a step-by-step process to develop and deploy new leaders.

  • Have ready-made content and assessments to train them (even with busy schedules).

  • Build a system that helps you create space for leadership mentoring and development.

Resources & Training




Build a Team of Leaders, Mentors & Role Models

EQUIP will give you the structure, plan and steps to build a leadership development process. You’ll learn biblical foundations for team leadership, and also look at how Jesus developed his leaders.

You will have a process to move any current or potential leader to the next level of leadership and responsibility.

This five-part training course is part of the RENOV8 Workshop Series—a series of eight leadership courses to help you develop your eight essential ministry systems.

Step #2: Train & Develop Leaders

Enroll Your Team In Worship Workshop


Discover how Worship Workshop can help you transform your team members into Team Leaders, Mentors, and Role Models.